Tough Tool ST5 ???

Jul 9, 2001
I've looked all over, including the archives here but couldn't find anything about a Schrade Tough Tool ST5 except on the German site below. Not even on Schrade's site. SO, I thought I'd ask some experts.

Has anyone heard when this will be released at a realistic price? It's over $100!


TPorter - Forum Newbie
Once again why wonder? call 845-647-7600 and ask. It is strange that multi tools seem to be much higher in europe. I recently asked the then plant manager about that and he said he did not understand why this should be. Except that there other plant is in Ireland and handled most european sales. This is not only true for Schrade multi tools but, all brands I have a friend in Austria who collects these items and constantly voices the same complaint. I often swap knives for multi tool and we both do OK on the deals. Rich