Trace Rinaldi knife

Oct 3, 1998
Today I got home to find a couple of packages waiting for me. One was a sheath from G2 which I discussed in the General Forum thread, the other was my "Spook" from Trace Rinaldi. I have been eagerly awaiting it's arrival for a while and was completely surprised to find it here today. I think I almost chewed through the box in my haste; finally remembered to use a !knife! !!!DUH.
Anyway, this is one sweet littke piece. This is a small concealable knife with a multicarry sheath. Trace did the sheath in Concealex, with the Desert camo pattern I requested, looks very neat, not another tactical black sheath. There are lots of different ways to carry this and it's going to take me some time to decide on which will be primary. The set up for SOB seems to work really well on this one, better than others I've tried. Ok, almost forgot the knife in my gushing over the sheath. The blade is actually just about 33/4" long with the sharpened part being 3 1/8". Handle is 4", black G10 with thong hole. The blade is black (ashamed to say I didn't check what the coating is) and the shape is sort of a clip with a bit of a recurve edge, ATS34. Trace's logo is done nicely in contrasting white letters. There is an integral guard/choil that is very effective and also keeps one fron slicing fingers when drawing from the sheath. And slice this baby will ! The little bugger was shaving arm hair very nicely thank you ( what arm hair was left
) All in all, a very high quality knife for a very reasonable price and a not too long wait. I reccomend you check out his site if you havn't yet. Thanks Trace.

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I have two of Trace's pieces, a Taipan and one of the TKK's that he worked on for a number of us forum members. I'm not a neck knife sort of guy, but the Taipan is a nice little knife, and for the light chores I use it for, the chisel grind is fine. I love my TKK. It's a wonderful utility knife, I use it often, even finding reasons to use it ("No, hon, let me dice the onions and red peppers..."). I have a review of my TKK at : .
Trace is great to work with, a true gentleman, even checking up on me a few weeks after the TKK was delivered to see how I liked it. Wanting to do the review and spread the word about Trace's work is what led to the whole website and my initiation into basic website setup. He's a troublemaker, isn't he?

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.


The Spook was the flavor that originally attracted me to Trace. 'Course the design I ended up specifying incorporated features of several other of his knives too. The Chimera in Talonite is also an exceptional piece. Trace offers it and the TTKK which differ basically only in handle style.

Trace is a great fella to deal with and as those of us who own knives he's crafted know, he makes a damn fine knife. Highly recommended!!!


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

Got 2 of Trace's pieces, probably had more offers to buy these than any other knife. The design of the knives are such that they feel alive in the hand. Really something different!

It is not often one finds such quality work at such reasonable prices (the pieces I have are worth more than what was paid for them).

I am awaiting my Armagedon from Trace guys have just put the impatience up a notch or two ;-)
Stop the presses, you mean I might have actually "scooped" Aubrey on a knifemaker? And he's waiting for a Rinaldi while I already have one?
I mean, I know mine's a TKK and not an Armegeddon, but still, I'm pretty amused. But not to worry, Aubrey, like you told me while I was waiting for my Busse, once that blade comes out of the box, the entire wait vanishes from your mind. Glad to see you back around the forums and newsgroup, Mr. Moore, I know I for one missed ya!

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

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Just have to chime in here. I have a TTKK and love it. I find great joy in using this knife to prepare dinner. It will cut forever and still remain sharp. A sack of potatoes is not match for this knife. Fit, finish and, overal quality or top notch. Like others, I think I got a great bargain would not part with this knife for what I paid - it really is worth more!


p.s. Mine looks like the one on his website and, may actually be that exact one as I was on the road and hard to catch when it was completed so, it sat in his shop for a couple of weeks until I surfaced again.
I too am awaiting my Armaggedon with ride along Chimera. I have heard great things about his work and can't wait to get my hands on these two!
Hey Guys!!! Thanks for the kind words.
Glad to hear you are all pleased with your blades. Funny how a little positive feedback drowns out all the cussing and yelling I do in the shop:).. Seriously though this makes it all worth it, Thanks again...

Trace Rinaldi
Trace, didn't you have a couple of Talonite blades in the works awhile ago from WW I think? Did you have a chance to work with it yet?

There must be an echo in here...

I've had a Taipan for what seems to be forever now. I love it. I gave my dad my BM stryker and now carry the Taipan for work related chores. The thing is a workhorse in a small package.

I have no problems recommending Mr Rinaldi to anyone, and hope to own more of his stuff once I have a degree and my financial situation improves

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I'll have to get Trace to knock $50 off my next knife. Since I "Set As Wallpaper" a pic of the Armegeddon, I keep drooling onto the keyboard and I shorted the last one out. My employer will only replace so many keyboards before they wash their hands of an employee's problems, ADA notwithstanding. It's simply and absolutely irresponsible to post something on one's website that may cause such extreme reactions for some people. Shame on him.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

Hey DonL- I have the Armageddon as my background too. Put it up there the day I ordered it. But by doing that, I pretty much torture myself everyday! One day, it will come, and I will go happily chopping into the sunset!
I'm looking forward to the Talonite 5" TTKK that Trace is making for me with camo concealex sheath (just gotta have a camo sheath for the kitchen, don't you?). Trace tells me he has been very busy with military orders lately.


Trace has been woring Talonite since late last year when he crafted his first, my Chimera. My understanding is that he has had a continuing demand for Talonite as an option in his various designs, so you could say he's had a bit of experience now crafting Talonite based blades.