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Trade: ZT0562 G10/Elmax for...

All PM's and Email replied to - if you didn't get a reply it may have gotten lost in the sea that is my inbox, please resend if you are still interested. Have a few offers I am considering but I am still open to new offers at this time. Thanks!
I have a NIB plain edge Spyderco Delica and a new w/o box Kershaw Skyline I would trade with you even up for the ZT.
Ive got a pm2 ill trade you, shoot me an email if you are intrestred. Thanks

Just sent an email
Thank you all who has sent offers, I am trying to get caught up with replies and considering my options. I am waiting on a few pics from a few different offers, but will make a decision very soon. If you sent an offer and have not gotten a response at all, I may have missed it so if you are still interested please resend. Thank you.