Traditional Norwegian fixed blade- very cool

Sep 17, 2000

Got me a new knife. Something different and I'm very pleased with the purchase.

It's made by Haugrud and called the Myllargutten. A link to a picture and description follows.

What they say about Scandinavian knives being sharp is true. By far it is the sharpest production knife out of the box...including my sebenzas. That flat grind with no secondary bevel is something to consider.

I wanted a pretty knife for a letter opener. It is very pretty. The curly birch handle is particulary attractive. The engraved pewter bolster and pommel are classy. Besides that it's fairly straight forward.

The knife has sparked my interest in other traditional knives from that part of the world. Their knife making history goes way back. Evidently the viking knives were based on about 1000 years of trial and error. How long have they been going at it since the vikings???

At this point I'd like to try out something in damascus. They have guys making some pretty far out stuff...such as this rainbow damascus which may be a little too busy:
(click on Johan in the top left)

In terms of handle material I'm interested in the following: killer whale tooth, walrus ivory and narwhale tooth (?).

With a little web surfing I've found a number of basic customs in the $100 and change price range.

Do any of you have custom knives from Scandinavia? It appears that the US market is a big consumer for their makers.

Take em easy,