Training Courses in Amarillo, TX

Michael Janich

Jan 16, 2002
Michael Janich, noted author and founder of Martial Blade Concepts and Counter-Blade Concepts, will be teaching two training events in Amarillo, TX later this month. Here are the details and points of contact for registration:

24-27 January 2006, Amarillo, Texas Law enforcement-only defensive tactics, counter-weapon, restraint and control, and edged-weapon course. This course will be tailored to the operational needs of the West Texas A&M Campus Police, but limited slots are available for other law enforcement officers. For more information, contact Shawn Burns at 806-651-2300.

27-29 January 2006, Amarillo , Texas MBC Levels 3 and 4 and Introduction to Martial Stick Concepts. The event will begin with a 4-hour mini-seminar on Martial Stick Concepts on the evening of 27 January. 28 and 29 January will feature 8-hour blocks of instruction on MBC Level 3 and Level 4. This instruction will include a complete course in reverse-grip knife tactics and reflex training drills, the adaptation of reverse-grip tactics to standard-grip knife technique, high-speed knife deployment, and improvised-weapon tactics. For information on pricing and registration, contact Chuck Rives at 806-517-0794.

Stay safe,