Training Knives

Nov 17, 1998
Can someone provide a list of companies that make training knives from wood, plastic, and aluminum. If possible please reply be e-mail also.

K. Williams
There is probably a lot more but this is what came to mind: REKAT makes a training knife for there hobbit, Boker Makes one, Emerson makes some for there folders.
Rekat also does one for the Escalator. An actual folding trainer for the Escalator is very important because of the many ways it can be used closed and many ways it can be opened.

The Escalator trainer costs the same as the actual knife. This really isn't unreasonable since everything is the same except the edge isn't sharpened. So, there's really not much cost difference to make the two.

Unfortunately, non-functional trainers are hard to find because they're easy to make. If wood is fine, just whittle one out. Aluminum is easy to work with inexpensive tools.

The demand for trainers is surprisingly small. A lot of people like to carry a knife as a weapon, but they have no clue what to do with it. I know of nobody who carries a gun for defense who hasn't shot the thing at least a few times. So why don't people want to train with their knives too? I don't know.

The other option is to buy a second knife and just grind the edge dull and the point blunt. You might try placing an ad in the wanted forum asking for whatever knife you have but asking for one that has a chipped blade or something such that it opens and closes fine, but the blade is dammaged or something. Then, just grind 'er down and you've got a trainer. What? No grinder? Use a file or your Dremel tool.

If you call the manufacturer of your knife, they might sell you a returned one or a defective one that has some hopeless blade defect but is fine otherwise.

If you have a trainer that looks just like your actual carry blade, it's a good idea to splash some orange paint on the handle or something so that you won't, as I once did, find yourself with the wrong knife.

Congratulations on wanting a trainer.


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Shomer Tech sells a rubber Applegate and plastic Endura, Police, Civilian, and CQC7. 360-733-6214. They dont take plastic or have e-mail. I sell the applegates for $20. a pair and do have e-mail and take plastic. I also have a pair of Civilains for 20. each.

Thanks for the replies. I have the Boker rubber training knives. What I am really looking for is an aluminum training knife made to the shape of an Endura II.

K. Williams
Modern Arnis Student
If you're looking for a fixed version of the blade you want, it's not too tough to do an aluminum one..

luckily, my dad works in a shop with some decent power tools, so I visited him one weekend, took a piece of aluminum, traced the outline of my Endura II on the aluminum, and grinded out the basic shape on a large sander.

This gets really hot, REALLY fast... I had to keep soaking mine in water. Aluminum also conducts heat really well, so even if you're holding the opposite side, your hands could still get burnt.

I did some of the finer work by hand. Even used a drill press to put the hole on the blade... it was more an exercise in "this will look neat" than "this is functional.

I made the scales for one with cocobolo, and the other trainer is purpleheart. It only took about 40 minutes to make the first one.
cocobolo makes a very fine dust though, so watch out... although on the bright side, it makes a very nice cinnamon smell when it burns on a sander

If I remember, I'll post a few pics..

Now, If you want a folding trainer, I would suggest you buy an Endura and dull it out, since they're relatively cheap as opposed to a Military or AFCK. Then you don't have to worry about getting the frickin balance point right

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