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Trance knife.......

Dec 27, 2003
I recently got a Trance knife, this knife was designed by Chad Los Banos.

I had heard a lot about this knife and was very excited to look it over.
I have not officially tested this knife, only carried it and opened it many hundreds of times. I did not post this in the review section of the forums since I have not actually used it yet.

I would like to post my initial feelings about this knife.

First off, the knife was a perfect fit to my hands, right or left, how this happened I would guess it's just the shape of the handles. They seem to be shaped just so the hand fits exactly where it need to for easy opening.

Opening this knife the first time was easier than almost any knife I've ever opened.

I first used the thumb stud, which was one of the best handle to stud transitions I have ever seen or felt. When you start to open this blade, your thumb slides easily down a ramp, angled perfectly just so it contacts the thumb stud exactly in the right location EVERY time.

This has been one of my pet peaves for years. The transition from handle to thumb stud should be easy and simple, one fluid motion.........the Trance has it nailed.

There is no missing the stud like in some knives I have opened. You know the ones, your thumb just does not line up with, close but not the same every time.

No matter how many times I slid my thumb towards the stud, it slid right down the ramp and was dead on every time.

This one feature means so much in a knife design I think. If you pull you knife to cut, and proceed to open by the stud, you should be able to do it 10 out of 10 times, never missing, that is a smooth transition from handles to stud.

The flipper bar that protrudes through the handle is another precise feature that I think would help while using this knife. I am not sure if it is supposed to be used as a flipper to help open the blade, but I did not use it since the stud works so smoothly.

But after you open the blade, the flipper is in the exact location it needs to be and also acts as a guard. It helps center your grip on the handle, and I'll have to say it too was amazingly comfortable for me.

The blade is a whole different subject.........man does this thing feel sharp !

It is one of the sharpest blades I have ever felt of. The edge geometry and angle of the blade looks to be designed for absolute cutting ability, with almost no resistance........it's amazing. :eek:

So far, I am absolutly impressed by this knife. I honestly don't see how Chad could have done any better.............in my opinion, it's pushing the upper limits of knife design.

I am going to try to start cutting with this knife very soon (if I can make myself do it).... and will add a bit more later.

Robbie Roberson ;)
I'm ashamed to say this....:eek: ....I don't have a camera worthy of photos.................yet. :D

Oh, check the Boker forum for some good photos of the Trance.

Robbie Roberson. ;)
He meditated and *pop* it appeared! :p

A couple of reviewers on the Boker forum indicated they were given them by Boker so they could review them before release in the US.
Esav, thank you for the link. ;)

I got my knife from Boker knives.

I forgot to mention, I really like the blade shape too, seems like it would be very useful.

Robbie Roberson :)
I might look to file down that bump and make it a true drop point. :)
It really looks like a winner. I eagerly await its appearance in the US market.
Esav, it would be very simple to do, and look good too. :)

The thing I first noticed about this knife was it just felt good in my hand right from the start.

There are just a few knives out there I have ever handled that felt this way, this is one of them.

Robbie Roberson ;)
Aloha Robbie!

Hey thanks for the great mini-review! I don't know how a legend like the designer of the SOG Revolver can make such comments on a design of mine though!:eek:

The "ala Carson" Flipper is indeed used as intended, and makes a great guard for your fingers. It takes a bit of practice with this one, as the blade is light. However, FWIW, it is one of the fastest opening folders I have ever come across., using the flipper.;)

Again, mahalo much sir, for your kind comments, and for your time. God bless and continued success!:thumbup:

PS: Great seeing you again Robbie and Esav!!! Now, for abcdef and BigJimSlade...some pics:



A size comparison with a Spyderco Salt I:

Mahalo much everyone, and God bless:thumbup:
Computer down for WEEKS !! I'm just alleviating my withdrawal symptoms, trying to catch up with what I've missed ...

And I got email from my supplier that he's got them in stock! !! !!!

Got ONE problem. As I just mentioned on another forum, I carry my SubCom all the time. What's going to happen to it when I go into a Trance? :D
Got ONE problem. As I just mentioned on another forum, I carry my SubCom all the time. What's going to happen to it when I go into a Trance?

You have a watch pocket, don't you? The SubCom fits perfect in mine.


That's a beautiful knife! I'm ashamed that I hadn't tracked it down yet. :eek:
Damn, Chad, you and Boker really got this one right! And at this price you don't have to think about whether to get it or not.
Thom, that's right where it fits now. :)

Ya know I really have no problem carrying more than one, oh, OK, more than two, uh, three? hmmm ... four or five knives. Always room for the little guy!
Esav, we did miss you ! :D

Hello Thombrogan.........:)

You guys won't be sorry, you really need to hold one of these jewels, if you do, make sure you have a pocket for it..........cause I would bet it's going home with you. :p

Robbie Roberson ;)
Hello Robbie Roberson!

My brother loved his Revolver, but never got around to hunting, so it was a shallow love affair.