Traser watch replacement bezel?

Sep 22, 2000
I have a Traser S3000 watch and I need a new bezel for it, but I can't find anywhere on-line to get a new one for it.
Does anyone know where I can buy one?

Also, I did find replacement bezel's for the
Luminox 3000 series. Is the bezel on the Luminox the same size as the Traser? Can I just buy one of the Luminox replacements and put it on the Traser?

Any help greatly appreciated.
Hi Mike,

I've seen Luminox watches rebadged under other "brand" names. This certainly is one. It would only be a guess, but I bet the bezel is exactly the same. If I were in your shoes, I'd "bank" on it.

Sounds good to me.

Another question for you: Are all of the Luminox bezels the same size?
I was thinking of buying one of the carbon fiber bezels for a replacement, if they are interchangeable.
Or do I need to use one of the bezels from the 3000 series?
Aside from the 3/4 size model Luminoxes, I believe that the round bezels are all the same size, and I also believe that the Traser and Luminox bezels ARE interchangeable.

Sounds good. I guess I'll put in an order for one of the carbon fiber bezels to replace the bezel on the traser.

Thanks much for the help on this one...