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Traveling in and out of Mexico

Aug 22, 2000

I have to goto Cancun next week, and I was wondering what I can do as far as carryone folder and carry folder for travel and while I am there.

Has anyone done it? and if so, has customs tried to confiscate?

I would hate to lose my Stryker,, but hten, I also would prefer not to have a pakistan folder. KWIM?

I went the first of last December to Cancun. Left my Daily carry BM730 at home as I didn't want to chance losing it to customs. The closest I came to losing anything on the trip, was when we were checking in at the airport to leave. The clerk at the American Airlines ticket counter asked if I had a pair of scissors and I showed him my Micra. He said that sometimes the security guards would confiscate them. As it was on my keyring, I just put it in the change tray, (Folded up of course!) walked through the metal detector, and picked it up on the other side. No problems. Your mileage may vary!
I go to Mexico regularly; however, I do not fly. I carry many different knives. I would also not recommend carrying there.

There are many stories here of the Mexican government's zero tolerance attitude towards Americans with any type of weapon. One guy was doing time for carrying a bullet. Please remember that you will no longer be in the U.S. with the same rights as here. You will be subject to the many whims and interpretations of not only local, but state, and federal officers. You will not get a phone call and from my personal experience-you don't want to be in a Mexican jail.

Enjoy your vacation- do not take a knife.


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DAYUHM, I am gonna feel, so,,,uhmmmmm,

god, no gun, no knife,, ok, I know, I will carry a bottle of corona

Been 12 years since I've been to Cancun,wasn't a knife nut at the time but I had an Sak.Also had a 3D Maglite that went with my wife and I on our night time beach walks.
A little OT maybe .. but this sounds like an opportune time for a stout walking stick or cane. I might try to carry a concealed knife anyway but thats me. Outside of that Ill be very comfy with a walking stick.


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I traveled with a fairly large (8") dive knife on several trips to Cozumel. This was carry on too, in a gear bag along with BCD, mask, fins, etc.

No problems. Maybe I was just lucky or looked like a clueless yanqui.