Trident or Tempest

Jun 5, 2001
I'm looking to buy another knife, and I have narrowed it down to two knives MoD Tempest and MoD Trident. I have a
Benchmade 800, and now I'm looking for something not-so-tactical...
Which one do you recommend?

Have only read about these knives. Never handled either. From all I've read, the Trident is considered the most utilitarian of the bunch, the knife with the greatest application as a tool. On the other hand, the Tempest is purely a defense/combat knife. The identity of the designers is probably a good clue. Chief Watson has lived in the jungle and in combat situations. His knife is designed to be used in that environment. Michael Janich is a combat expert. His knife is designed for fighting.

Sorry, my sieve-like memory caught up with me. I have handled a Trident. Seemed like a very practical knife to me. Fit/finish were excellent.

Guess it boils down to your personal definition of tactical.
i have both knives my favotite is the trident by a long shot it is big and beefy good design and fits very well in my hand the tempest is a little boring in design but still a very nice strong knife i like to keep it simple with out getting into much detail MOD makes some good stuf ... i have had just about everything they make and have not found any real problems yet