Tried a hawksbill....

Apr 24, 2000
many thanks due to Neil Blackwood for encouragement and advice. Had a lot of fun with this one, and a real educational experience, too.

Thanks for any comments, criricism, or suggestions.
Very original!
It looks like it should telescope out and change size.
You could layer the leather on the sheath to get a matching effect...
Way to go!
Ebbtide out.
Cool looking knife. Definitly looks like an armadillo tail. Unusual...I like it.

What are the specs?

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Oh wow! Richard you're getting too good. You're making all the rest of the guys just starting out look bad.
That's a nice one! The spine is definitely cool. Makes the knife look kinda "wicked"
Cool knife Richard. Coincidentally I am currently working on a large, ringed hawkbill. I thought I would bevel the spine but to me, for my design, the blade needs something more. Would you mind if I "borrowed" your idea of carving the spine?


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cool knife! but since you asked, you may want to take a bit of that pointy handle off, round it off to make it a little more user friendly.

Laurence Segal
Thanks for the replies, folks. This is another small one, as I am still heat-treating with a torch, 5" oal with 2 1/4" cutting edge. Hope to get a propane forge built soon so I can do bigger stuff, waiting for the weather to get nicer.