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Triple Action????????????????????


Aug 12, 1999
I just saw a post about a Triple Action by Cold Steel. Excuse my ignorance but what is Triple Action?????????
I couldn't figure out how it worked until I got the new Special Projects catalogue. Handles pivot from the OPPOSITE end of a balisong while the blade pivots from the traditional end. Think of a two-bladed Jack knife that has blades at each end...now imagine one of the blades is the other half of the handle....

Exactly...O....K....? was my response too.

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The three action, apparently, are:

1. pull the handles apart
2. swing the blade out
3. close the handles again

The Triple Action is actually very slow to open and close. It's purpose, really, is to look like something other than a knife and it does that when it's closed. It's a curious product. Take care.

Knife Outlet

Another possible definition of triple action (not pertaining to the CS model):

1. Opens automatically (button, lever, scale release, etc.)
2. Opens by inertia (Flicking)
3. Opens by thumbstud or nail nick

Perhaps I'm wrong?

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I guess I undestand. I will have to hunt up a picture to check it out. I think they are just trying to confuse me, but that is not hard to do.
How about this!
1) You open the knife (only takes a couple minutes!)
2) Your finger slide down the slick guardless handle when you try to use the knife
3) You nearly severe several fingers and bleed to death.

This triple action concept is really bogus, I would avoid it all together.
There was a set of posts in the Reviews section that talked about this knife. Sorry I don't have the thread link.

It is possible to flick this knife out one-handed with the same speed if not more than a bali song. I haven't personally handled one of these knives, but the people in the thread mentioned that they'd figured out how to do so...

Hope this helps.

My feeling is that it doesn't sound cool enough to warrent 150$. My next gimmick knife is going to be a Ken Onion speed safe.


Golly, but I get lucky sometimes!

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
Vampire Gerbil?!
Man, when I read your handle I laughed so hard I nearly seperated a pair of my ribs!
I REALLY like that name!
Oh, and BTW some folks on this forum like this knife a LOT and some wouldn't touch it with kevlar fingers.
I fall face first in the latter category.
If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

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Finally got to handle one of these at the Chicago show this weekend. I've played with my cheap Jacob's Ladder long enough where the motion is natural, so if this knife is viable, I'd have found out.

Truth be told, it was way too stiff for me to try out at the counter, and once the knife is opened, it is, as mentioned, a guardless finger hazard.

I'd say it's a gimmick, and a way too expensive gimmick at that.
Not only is it slow and dangerous to open to begin with, but if you get the double edged spear point version, which in my opionion is the nicer looking(oxymoron) of the two, then it is nearly life threatening to open, and on top of that, the blade can dull itself on the pivoting handle cover as it is opened!

That and I noticed that CS's ad stated that the knife has the strongest known locking mechanism in existance today.

I need a bigger bucket.
Thanks for all the info, I do not believe this knife is for me.

Cold Steel's decision to sell these Triple Action Folders seems to me a classic example of what happens to a company when marketing and bottom line become more important than mission and vision: unless of course bottom line and mission have become the same thing.

Clearly, to me at least, Cold Steel doesn't have a coherent product philosophy, other than "sell as much as we can, hyping it as much as we can."

Look at a CS catalogue for awhile. Then compare it to those of Randall, Spyderco, or Case (for example). What a difference!

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