Tripwire knives???

Oct 6, 2006
http://www.airkatknives.comHello All!
I did an advanced search for "TripWire Knives" and (0) items came up. I have been looking long and hard for a cool as well as different NEW folder. Does anyone out there have any experience with or heard anything about "TripWire" folding knives. They appear to made of all the right stuff and as looks go, I like that Crazy Build they have. Any help would be appreciated!!!
I handled a Tripwire on a passaround a while back. It is one sturdy knife. You may want to do a search in the Passaround Forum for Airkat, possibly, or Carillo. That should bring up the thread with up to 10 reviews.

I found it a little over-the-top, in design, and size. It was a bit bulky, and difficult to carry in the pocket. Some prefer the 'sharpened prybar' philosphy, but I'm not one of them. It was definitely sturdy, and of high quality, though. The cliche Tank comes to mind. To each his own.

Thank You sir!
I don't know why I didn't think of those keywords for a search. I will do that ASAP.... As for it being a BIG knife, I am a BIG guy so I often lean in the BIG knife direction. Thanks for the reply thats awsome!!!! ~baba~
Call me crazy but isn't it hard to keep your pants up when carrying a chunk of metal that big?
the tripwire imho really outta go in a belt sheath vs a pocket, its just too big/thick/heavy to be an nice edc pocket knife. i also like large knives and almost everything i carry is around a 4" blade or so, but its a lot easier to carry a EKI CQC12 w/a 4" blade which is realtively thin/light and easy to carry in the pocket vs a strider AR (or a tripwire) which though it has around the same blade length is a lot thicker, bulkier and heavier.

when i first got my AR i didnt think it would be a big deal to carry it as a edc but after a few days i saw the error of my ways lol.