Trophy hunting is wrong

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May 28, 2011
Warning with points for posting in the wrong forum.
Murdering animals for a trophy, fun or sport is wrong.Claiming it is done for the conservation purposes and helping locals is BS.We lost so many species to exctinsion and many more are on the endangered species list.
No difference between poaching and trophy hunting at all.Humanity went down the drain.How would those psycho hunters feel if someone goes on the killing spree in their own houses I wonder.
Please petition and sign any ban on trophy hunting worldwide for the sake of future of this planet and all living creatures.Thank you.
Yes trophy hunting sucks

This is not the place for a nonsense agenda

Mods need to close this

Educate yourself

Hunters are conservationalist and pay more to preserve and help animals than any other source
What about guys like me that try and kill the largest deer and elk i can find.
I hunt for the meat to feed my family, as well as for the nice set of antlers.
I also try and hunt moose, big horn sheep, mountain goat, bear, and turkey, its just really tough to get those last permits, but deer and elk are easy permits.
The fresh meat for me and my family is so good and much healthier that store bought meat, and the mounted animals look great too.
I love hunting and providing for my family.
I find nothing wrong with what i do.

Do you propose outlawing hunting in general? People have been hunting since the dawn of time.
Or do you propose just outlawing hunting in Africa?
What happens when hunting is banned and species overpopulate?

Poaching does far more harm than legit hunters, how do we handle that?

Humans are very bad at regulating anything and everything, thats what needs to improve.

Where does one draw the line on what we can hunt and what we cant hunt?

My opinion is zoos are horrible for animals, but people love them. We should ban zoos
Nonsense agenda?!
Who gives humans right to shoot defenceless animals.Take away weapon from a trophy hunter and he is just a small insignificant individual with cowardly psychopathic mentality.
It is a genocide what is happening and it’s done by disturbed individuals,serial killers!
"This is a lovely room of death. Take care, now. Bye-bye, then." A. Ventura :D
Hit and run with a political ad and then close it?
I think not. BFF isn't a vehicle for propaganda.

The OP makes no coherent argument, although there is one that could be made.
I'm against trophy hunting, most of the time, but it's not that simple, and nobody died and made me G-d.
The inuit ( Eskimo ) up on Ellesmere island got a quota of two polar bears per year, and quare whether anyone really has a right to tell them what to do, but assuming we do) When I was last there the going price was about $10,000.00 per bear license auctioned off to wealthy German tourists for a hunt. The Inuit need both the money and the hunt to survive financially and spiritually. Mooks like us from some city in the south aren't morally superior to the inuit when it comes to animals or hunting. Without the trophy hunt they are poorer, bad poor, and miserable. Spriritually miserable. But please keep killing millions of cows and chickens and pigs in inhumane conditions, that's fine.

The OP is also full of specious hyperbole like "murdering " animals.
Murder is a defined legal term that must be a homicide ( killing a human ) and whatever you think of killing animals that is not homicide so it isn't murder.
Similarly, poaching by definition is illegal hunting; and trophy hunting, if legal, therefore is not poaching.

Advocacy for a petition to stop lawful hunting or some subset thereof is probably not the proper subject matter for this forum, but that isn't my call.

If it were trying to make a coherent point and it was reasonably proximate to a political point it might be permissible in the PA, where the OP would be vaporized by the regulars into tiny little puffs of smoke, rather than the one big blog of fuzzy goo that it is now.

But you can't hit and run: make your ( improper ) point and bale.
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