Tru-Bal Bowie-ax?

Oct 19, 2002
Anybody have one and/or used one? Any nice pics available? I tried this post on a different forum, but had no results. For all you owners, what kind of sheath do you carry it in, if any? Also, do you throw it? How does it throw? I'm looking into getting one but would like some personal feedback first. Thanks for any help.


The Bowie-Axe is a fine throwing knife. I own them, and a variation, known as the Bowie Axe Bolo, which is 3" longer.

You can contact Steve McEvoy of Tru-Bal to order yours. I do not have his contact information handy.

It's approximately 3/16th thick, 15 oz., and has a shallow convex bevel for chopping and cutting.

The knife is primarily a thrower, as its Rc hardness is left in the mid 40's for a true "spring" temper.

Bobby Branton also makes top quality throwing knives at very fair prices. Some of his models are improvements to the Bowie Axe in my opinion, and his throwing knives are my preferred knives to throw. His model #16 and #12 are my favorites.

Hope this helps.