True or false, you can get a patina by cutting cardboard

You can get a patina by cutting cardboard

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Even a box that contained damaged fruit. I patinad my Grohmann with watermelon juice by accident.
Did you break a sweat, while cutting? Was the cardboard clean? How humid was the environment? Were your hands clean?Did you lick the blade at any point? What steel? O1 will rust if you think about moisture!
Answer: Yes

Reasoning: Virgin cardboard isn't too offensive, but the tape and adhesive residue that is virtually unavoidable will either cause patina directly, or the water/solvents needed to remove it will cause patina.

But idk, maybe Canadian cardboard is more caustic.
Well we'll have some 15N20 razor blades to try out soon enough. Maybe I'll cut up the shipping box when my EDChef shows up. 2 birds and all that.... I'll motivate it with the understanding it can't go back (not sure how well that worked for Cortés) and test for Patina-bility.
You guys voting true - I believe you. But you must have an awful lot of iron in your diets.
Knowing this is "trick question" I'm interested in the results...?

I don't know how literal you are being?
I get patina doing Nothing.... especially with certain steels.

Brand new/Old, never used.... blotchy O1 steel

Are you saying the abrasive nature of the corregated mixture will negate and polish off its own remnants?

Ok...... Let's hear it.

Can I (literally me?) get a patina from cutting cardboard?

That sounds like An effect happening to said person via the act of cutting said cardboard....?

Covered in dust?
Covered in glue or printed ink from the boxes?
Blisters from many hours of needed cardboard cutting?
What other physical, visual clues????
Well you can get a patina from the atmosphere so sure. But this feels like one of those trick questions.
If I cut cardboard in direct sunlight outside for a little while I get a tan/sunburn. Not sure I would call it patina.
The man shows understanding. Yes I don't think that would be a patina. Blood oxidizes and turns red. I guess that is a patina of sorts. But it doesn't happen from cutting cardboard. It happens from cutting yourself.