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Trying Talonite


Oct 3, 1998
I have the chance to try a Talonite knife, Camillus Talon. Note to Camillus, very well done, it is a great knife. I have this knife for a few weeks. To the person letting me use it thank you very much. I am just a average knife user and have used knives since I was a young boy. Btw I have no connection with Camillus or anyone else who sells knives or Talonite products.
Corrosion, This metal will not rust. This is more comforting than I thought it would be. I didn't realize how much I really took care of my knives before, wiping them off and making sure they were dry. I really like that the Talonite lets me just let it sit after cutting anything.
Edge holding. Alot has been written about this and I did not know what to expect. First thing i did with this knife is check the edge. It was very sharp, and had a great fine edge on it. My goal was to get it dull, then resharpen it. I started on cardboard boxes, I had quite a few of them. I started to cut them up in small strips, getting the most cutting out of the boxes as possible. I thought I would maybe get through half of them before I would need to resharpen. Nope, the damb thing went through them all. Ok I am on a mission now. I went and picked up a bunch more boxes. Yep it cut through all of the new ones too. How much did I cut couldn't tell you, lost count, but it was alot more than i ever want to cut in a day again. Agter cutting all of this up I went into the house and the knife would still cut a nice thin clean tomatoslice, and cut raw steak like it was nothing. Yep, the prickally freshly sharpened feeling of the edge was gone but it still cut like it was very sharp.
For the next 2 days I cut everything with this knife and it still cuts great. I cut rope PVC pipe, food and even did Steve's soda bottle thing. The knife was still cutting great. I cann't believe it. I just gave it a resharpening before I started to write this, not because it needed it but because I was anxious to do it. I first just steeled it on a smooth steel, after 4 strokes per sideit was back to the prickally feeling. Wow i was surpized. How good is the edge holding for Talonite? Who cares, it is so easy to resharpen you can train your pet dog to do it.
I have this knife for A wile longer and am going to have a Talonite knife of my onw very soon. This stuff makes a very nice blade. Is it the best, nope but what is?
Don't forget to check out Neil Blackwood's talonite blades, if you're looking.

Thanks for the posting. I just ordered a TNT (Talonite and Titanium) folder from Tom Mayo. I was impatient about getting this blade before your posting and now I REALLY want my TNT!

alright......another convert to our new cult!!!!


Swong glad you liked the review you will be very happy with Talonite.
Rob will do. This knife is great for getting rid of crap laying around. I am cutting up everything in site into little peaces. Tom yep I think I am getting converted, is someone going to show me the secret hand shake?
im am also in the process of testing one of the talonite blades and so far the knife is awesome just like already said the thing is cutting small pieces of scrap into smaller pieces of crap. i would strongly reccomend buying a talonite blade if you can afford it.

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Thanks HJK!
The picture on my website of your Talonite, Skeletonized, Small Tac/Utility has generated some orders for the knife in D2! I LOVE to drill holes in that stuff so Talonite is NO problem on that model

I will be in touch, I need more TALONITE!!

Knives IN STOCK!!!!

Ok, I give up, I have been telling myself that talonite is not worth the extra $$. But, after reading this review and also chatting with rockspyder, I think im about ready to give it a try. Maybe after I recover from some of my recent purchases I might give allen blade a yell and see what hes got. Thanks mengle and rock....you are just causing me to spend more money

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Just some knife pictures
Rich you are very welcome always glad to help you spend a little $.
I really think you will like Talonite. See ya in chat.
This is me!! Neil Blackwood (AKA Dr.Lathe here on the forum) sorry for the confusion!
My website is below,

Knives IN STOCK!!!!

Both Rob and Neil make very fine talonite knives. I have two of Rob's and one of Neil's, plus a Camillus Talon. Talonite is super stuff.

You also will be hard pressed to find any finer fellows than Rob and Neil.
Ok, I have been useing this Talon for a little over a week now. I am still waiting for it to go dull. I have only given it 1 sharpening, touch up really, before I started this thread. See above. I have used thisknife, and this one only since getting it. It has cut everything very nicely, even raw chicken my personal sharpness indacater. I still find myself cleaning this knife like it could rust, good habits are hard to break. But knowing Talonite doesn't rust has been alot more comforting than I thought it would be.This knife is really going to be hard to give back. As I was one who has been telling myself I had no need for talonite I have now decided to get one.
My empressions, holds a good edge for a long time, resharpens way to easy from the 1 time I did it, and will not rust. All very atractive.
To be honest, when I first posted my impressions of Talonite, I hadn't given it a chance to really impress me. I don't think I've sharpened my Simonich/Wegner FB in three months. Talonite kicks butt!

So: Is it true what they say about Talonite?

To quote Lilly Von Shtupp, "It's Twue! It's Twue!"

(PS - What's YOUR limit on schnitzengruben?)

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Ok, the knife has went to its home today. Over all I would say the Camillus Talon is a great knife. It does everything a 3.5" 1/8" thick blade should do, and does it very well. Worth every $, in my opinion. As to tuffness of Talonite, It is more than tuff enough for a knife that I use in this size. I will miss having this knife but I see a Talonite knife of my own coming very soon. Yep I am sold on the stuff.