TSA qualified pocketknives?

Nov 28, 2009
Hey, guys, I apologize for the new account, I have been a poster here rather long ago, and, don't have my records straight.

Here's a conundrum, My sister works in Washington, and her husband, as well, they are both aides to congressmen, well senate in one case.

They have to adhere to TSA rules.

I'd love to give a SAK to my brother in law for Xmas, he's an Eagle Scout, but never carried one. Are there any SAK like things I could buy him?

I want him to have as many tools as he can, this is the guy that will be getting my sister out of trouble if TSHTF in Washington DC, and they work in the capitol! What do you suggest?

Help me.
i'm sorry for replying w/o being able to help, but i really want to understand what you mean. are you saying they fly alot and therefore have to adhere to TSA rules? or do you mean their work environment adopted a weapons policy that mirrors the TSA's?

either way, i don't know, but you just got me very curious because i've never heard of a place that copied TSA. it would totally make sense, though, it it was a Gvt. building.

TSA does have their own site, i checked it a couple years ago and it was quite specific and helpfull. look at it, if you haven't already.
There is no knife that works with TSA rules. A multitool with no blade might be an option.
If you are referring to air travel, pretty much any sharp blade is out for carry-on, period. Checked is ok so long as the knife is otherwise legal in those jurisdictions.

There were, far as I know, a handful of special SAKs that have no blade that are designed for this purpose. However I have not been able to find them and I suspect it's because TSA confiscates them anyway on account of many checkers being too thick to bother with the difference.

As for Federal Property, that is not governed by TSA, but rather by US Code Title 18, Chapter 44, § 930 which states one may not have a weapon other than a pocket knife with a blade less than 2.5". I work on Fed property myself and carry a Leatherman Micra and a Benchmite II. Be advised that wherever their workplace is has the right under this statute to impose tighter and more restrictive rules, including no blades whatsoever. They will honestly have to clear anything with their appropriate security division.
Victorinox makes some models for air travel, but they don't really have any traditional tools -I dont even think they have scissors. The "Flash flight" and "Memory flight" models are basically flash drives with lights.

I would be curious to know if they would allow you to take a normal SAK if you broke the blades off???

try the "EDC forums." I am sure they will have lots of little offerings without TSA prohibited items.
There are a couple non-bladed options. Vic makes the bladeless USB drive and mp3 player, but you're better off purchasing a standalone one anyway. They used to produce the Bladeless, which had scissors, caplifter, toothpick, and tweezers. All are in the 58mm range (the type that fits on your keychain). Wenger also makes a similar model at 63mm. It has scissors, eyeglass screwdriver, nailfile, toothpick/tweezers, and some have nail clippers. These are all qualified by 'AT' at the end of their names, for Air Travel.

Leatherman also makes a bladeless Fuse, which has 3 slotted drivers, a phillips, a metal file, can opener, and scissors. Might be another option. Anything SOG makes can be customized as you see fit. All of their implements are removable.