TTS - The Tactical Scissor

Oct 20, 1998
As I read Hals Scissor topic, an interesting thought struck me. Why not try to make two Stiff K.I.S.S:es with sheepsfoot blade style. Attach them at the hole for the rivet or torx bolt with some kind of easy removable joint and you have yourself a nice pair of tactical scissors/K.I.S.S:es

Would probably need some more adjustments as an ordinary pair of scissors blades are more angled.
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Cousin Cinnamon : Hmmm, this idea may have some merit. I usually carry my Benchmade Panther 401 in my toolkit, one of those day-planner looking things that folds open and holds screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, and a few other basic tools. I have taken this tool kit into Federal Office Buildings, Federal and County Court House and many other places that have made me leave my small Schrade Old Timer with a sub 2" blade. As long as the Panther was in the tool kit, I never was questioned, but have had to leave my Schrade. Maybe two Stiff Kiss knives, attached with a plastic rivit, so that they could be easily seperated but still give the appearance of some heavy duty scissors plus some other minor cosmetic dressing up would work. Hide in plain sight so to speak. I already have one Stiff Kiss, what the heck, another 20.00 won't hurt. Who knows, it may even work out as a pair of scissors. At least they won't be plastic(UGH!).

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