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Tuf-Cloth vs. Generic?

Mar 2, 2000
Has anyone noticed a difference between Tuf-Cloth and generic Silicone rags? Does one last longer than the other, is the Tuf-Cloth material more durable? Does the protection last as long, etc. I've been buying the generic from local place, and I want to know if you guys think I should do the upgrade.

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Superman wipes his @$$ with a Tuf-Cloth.

Hope this helps.

David Rock

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thanks for the info and the email. Let me ask you (or anyone) what's up with the Marine tough cloth? I live in a fairly high-humidity area, and I was think about that one.
Marine Tuf-Cloth is superior for hot/humid (marine) type environments such as down here in coastal South FL. It has some added ingredients to deal with the harsher conditions.

I use it on my neck knives (primarily carbon steels and damascus) and have been very happy with the results.

I use Marine Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide on all my "carry" knives for both protection and lubrication.


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Marine Tuf-Cloth leaves a thicker, rather sticky residue on the blade. If all you're doing is carrying your knives around and using them in Ohio, the regular Tuf-Cloth will probably be more than sufficient. I use regular Tuf-Cloth in Alabama, and have had no problems with rust. I reserve Marine Tuf-Cloth for when I plan to swim with my knife in seawater or in a chlorinated pool.

David Rock

AKTI Member # A000846
Stop when you get to bone.
Where is Marine Tuff-Cloth available?
On line ? or Marine Stores? Knife Dealers?