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Tuff Cloth Reactivation

Jan 10, 1999
Has anyone ever "reactivated" a Tuff-Cloth? My is dry as a bone now, and I'd rather use it some more. The instructions say to use mineral spirits. What should I do?


You can wet the cloth with mineral spirits (can be found at Home Depot at paint section). You can also add a little Tuf-Glide, it is of same substance with the protectant found on Tuf Cloth. But Tuf-Glide is expensive.

Frantium - do you know a brand name or anything on the mineral spirits? I know they sometimes include stuff under that name that isn't what we're looking for, and I'd like to make sure before I try reactivating mine

JP Bullivant

I use the Parks Odorless Mineral Spirits. The label says it contains "Stoddard Solvent CAS# 8052-41-3." I know nothing about it though.

Any name brand "pure mineral spirits". Just get a small container-a little goes a long way!

Add several drops at a time until you get it to the right moisture level that you prefer. If you get it too wet, then leave it out for a while to dry it out. The properties are not diminished. The spirits is only the carrier.

Hope that this helps,

I just re activated mine with Tuff Glide. It works much better than when it was new.

I would recomend the Tuff Glide as it only takes a tiny bit, and in my opinion there is nothing on the planet better then Tuff Glide for pivot points, frame rails on a pistol etc....