Mar 28, 1999
If I wipe down my ATS blades or all blades with this will it keep them from rusting in my pocket on hot and humid days?How long will the coating last before I have to wipe it again?Will it stay protected even if the knife is making deep cuts all day long?Thanks
scott w
The number of times you have to coat your knife will vary with use and environmental conditions but as a general rule Tuf-Cloth works very well to prevent rust. I use it all the time in an area of the country that had nearly 100 inches of rain last year and none of my knives have any rust.

If you're near the ocean you may want to try Marine Tuf-Cloth since it has an extra ingredient that leaves a film on the blade. I live near the ocean but do not feel I have to use the Mrine Tuf-Cloth.

It's a great product which really works. I usually just wipe down my carry blade at the end of the day and I put it away, worry free.


I also noticed that aside from preventing rust, Tuf-Cloth makes fingerprint removal very easy.
On a knife without the protection of Tuf-Cloth (or Tuf-Glide) it would be a pain (egad, I HATE fingerprints on the blade! hehe... even my own!)

Where's Mark of Sentry Solutions when you need him? lol...


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Something told me I should check out the forum today.

I would have to say that Greg and Danny have it covered. The length of time that TUF-CLOTH and TUF-GLIDE will protect depends on how the knives are used. Because the active ingredients bond to the metal they are not easily removed. Depending on what you are cutting with the blade the protection will wear off slowly or quickly. If you are cutting metal sheeting or wire, the coating will wear off more quickly. A gentleman tested our products in the jungles of Peru for several weeks and found that TUF-CLOTH treated blades did not rust even after cutting through vines and tree branches. The protection does bond very aggressively.

To ensure top performance apply TUF-CLOTH to a clean residue free blade. When you first begin using the product wipe more frequently. This will ensure 100% coverage and promote great bonding. After that use of TUF-CLOTH will depend on how much work your blade sees. Our customers tell us the protection can last for months and even years if the items are stored and not used.

I hope this answers your question.

Mark Mrozek, President
Sentry Solutions Ltd.
LOL... talk about good timing...
Hi Mark! Glad you popped in. Do you have a 6th sense or something?? hehehe...

I'm just having problems looking for that mineral spirit thingy..
Seems like I'll just have to impregnate a dried-up Tuf-Cloth with Tuf-Glide.

Oh yeah, I'll give Tuf-Glide the "acid test" when I treat my dad's antique small sword in which the metal is spring steel, and rusts very fast. Not even oil could prevent it from rusting, so let's see what the Tuf products can do about it, shall we?

Other than that, all my knives are now Tuf-Protected. 'nuff said.