Tuffy Civilian for unsub (warning big pics)

Sep 5, 2006

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Apr 27, 2003
Very nice. That isn't a Matriarch?
Nope, that's a "second generation" Civilian. "First gen" were un-coated aluminum, that didn't last too long. Then came the TUFRAM coated aluminum ones like Jill's and finally the "current" G-10 version.

Nice knife Jill and great photos. I've got a pair of slightly older ones, PE and SE, in G-2.


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Nov 23, 2006
THANKS Jill that is a very very sexy beast there!

It looks fantastic with that dark colored tufram coating and it would not even be slippery with the rubber inserts. It is also a very interesting steel ATS-55 which is a nice change from GIN1 although I don't know much about it but since it is like ATS-34 but with a higher number it must be 21 somethings better right?

Here is the current state of my spyderco collection.

Here it is open but segregated from the Chinese.

Now those of you with sharp eyes may have noticed a little plastic thing with a mini Tekloc next to the Police. It is a fantastic little sheath for the Police by OST tactical.
It does fit the Tuffy police but it is to tight to really use but it is ideal for the Stainless Police which is a favourite EDC of mine.

Here is a photo of it with the police inside it. I can't explain how cool this thing is.

Thanks again for the great pics Jill. You have some nice knives and a heck of a talent with a camera.