Turco II

Feb 6, 2001
Where can I get this stuff, I promised some to a friend. I didn't see it in any of my catalogs or general searchs. Thanks.
Turco is a liquid you dip your blades in before heat treat to prevent oxidadation and scale forming while the blade is in the oven. I havent had good luck with the stuff. It caused pits in my blades and I had to regrind anyway.

J as mentioned above K & G has it listed in their 2004 catolog for $24.75 a quart and $82.95 for a gallon. You can reach K&G at 800-972-1192.
Thanks guys, I must be blind as a bat cause I never saw it. I don't play around with this stuff, a friend is HT'ing some ATS-34 blades for me (yeah, yeah I know!) and I wanted to get him some Turco since he's almost out. That's perfect though...I've got a huge batch of wood they're stabilizing for me right now. So I'll just have them send the Turco also. Thanks guys, your always there to help me out. :D
Turco's max temp high enough for ATS34? You don't want to go overtemp with these coatings even 25-50F. Turns very acidic and pits terribly.
It must be OK Fitzo, I have one purveyor who wanted ATS-34 and since I don't normally do stainless (as Peter/Don says "it'll never catch on") I left it to a friend who does mostly ATS-34. The blades came back clean and cut like a bugger. Can't replace high carbon though... :D ;) :D
I use Turco for tool steels. It is OK up to the 1875°F I harden D2 at. You need to give 2 full coats with time to dry in between. Then there is not a pitting problem.

I made the mistake of using it on four S30V blades and they were ruined. Apparently somewhere between 1875° and 2000°, the Turco burns off.
Turco turns very corrosive above 1800.It will etch or pit stainless.It is great for carbon steel blades.I use it on any that I do in the oven.Does not work very well in the forge.
I know the blades that are done for me are done in an oven (looks like R2-D2 for Star Wars). Is there a difference between Turco and Turco II? I'm assuming there is.