Tweaks for the Stiff KISS

Oct 4, 1998
I got a Stiff KISS for Christmas and I`m already messin with it. The 1st thing I did was add a plastic spacer on the belt loop to make the knife ride flatter on my back in horizontal SOB carry. It`s nice and flat and comfy now. Next I wrapped the grip in paracord,ahh that`s better. Next I`m thinking of rounding the corners on the sheath to make it a little easier on clothing as well as printing a bit less. Has anyone else gotten the itch bug to modify theirs? Or come up with any new carry options? For $20 why not get radical? Marcus
I bought 5.00 worth of wet/dry sandpaper( 220 through 1200 grit)at the local auto parts store and took the finish up to mirror. Looks different in a kind of nice way.

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I took a couple of slabs of Bocote wood, a little epoxy, a couple of pins and has a handle. Cheap enough that I wasn't too worried about ruining it and yet, it looks way better. Feels better in my hand too. It isn't a perfect job, but it's not too bad for a first time effort.
Oh Goody, I have been waiting for a thread like this one.....

First things first..I used my dremel to buzz away most of the sheath, leaving only the actual "sheath" in the middle, and enough at the end for two holes large enough for the supplied chicago screws..(I wanted a dedicated neck knife, and I found that the sheath was too wide and abraded my pecs a bit much).

I used the screws to attach the paracord because knots looked hinky, and stuck out too far. Voila! Can't see it unless I stretch..

To wrap the handle, I used paracord, but I pulled out center of the cord so my wrapping wouldn't turn out too thick (I first sprayed the Stiffy with some rust preventative).

I also drilled another hole in the sheath for drainage purposes, the factory hole is where the tip of the knife sits, and it doesn't do a darn thing when you wear it upside down, so I put a hole by where the choil sits.

I've taken the blade off the knife body and bent the liner lock slightly to be flush with the body; then made a hole in the back of a nylon belt sheath (how many do YOU have!) and used the pivot screw to attach the knife body to the sheath, with the clip facing out.

Now I've got an 'inside the pocket' sheath to carry clipless knives (Dake D/A, Sidewinder II, bolster releases, etc).

IMHO best use yet for this knife!!


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Don`t sweat it Michael,they`re related that`s close enough.
Great ideas,My sheath`s gonna go under the knife(dremel) next. It is a bit bulky for neck carry,some plastic`s got to go. I really like horizontal SOB carry with it though,hmmm I may just have to get another one for neck carry and customize one knife and sheath for each. I love $20 knives! Today`s project is removing and polishing the allen bolt just for nice. Marcus
I use an elastic strap (about half-inch wide)around the chest to fix the knife in the neck-carry-mode. It keeps the sheath in place even when I'm jogging or leaning forward.
No chafing problems so far (The rig is worn beneath a sweat-shirt, but on top of the T-shirt).
Have fun, Tobse !

Well, lets see- I have sanded my Stiffy to a satin finish with fine and xtra fine 3M sandpaper/sponge, and for he handle I used 2mm black cotton cord in my own personal wrap and then epoxied the heck out of the handle, cord and all. Talk about grippy. I got the cord from a crafts store and I like it because on such a little knife like the Stiffy, paracord just looks a little too big for me.(No, I dont have small hands, it's for purely aesthetic reasons.) I haven't modified the sheath.... yet.


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I just did a few more little things to mine. I polished the edges and allen bolt with the ol Dremmel tool. The polished edges make it look more classy and the polished bolt makes it slide in and out of the sheath easier. I imagine it may lessen wear on the sheath too. The next step is gonna be to coat the grip to keep sweat soaked paracord from rusting it when the weather get`s warmer. I`m going to bead blast the grip and coat it with POR15 a super tough anti rust coating and then re wrap it using epoxy to affix it. Does anyone know if extra sheaths are available from CRKT? I`d be nice to have several each customozed to a given task. Marcus
James ,that is sooooo sweet! Who`d think a $20 knife could look so good? I may have to get a few more so I can play with them in different ways. I think a rough textured G10 grip would be killer for that "tactical" look. Marcus
James that does look good. You should mass produce them, I'd buy one from you

What do you guys think of using Thorsen's Stretchy Strap? I bought some today in anticipation of getting mine next week. This stuff is supposed to stretch 400% without breaking so that way I will be able to wrap the handle without having the bulky paracord look.

Has anyone else used rubber cord on the handle?

Haven`t tried it but it sounds like a neat idea. Where do you get that stuff? I`ve also kicked around the idea of cutting thin grip scales out of aluminum,epoxying them on and covering them with Brownells textured rubber grip tape. Marcus
I bought the Stretchy Strap at a local sporting goods/hunters store. Basically it's a rubber accessory shoulder strap for carrying light weight equiptment like game calls, cameras, etc. It's pretty thin, about 3mm.

I bet it will work out well, I will let you know. The maker is:
Thorsen Outdoor Products
80053 Gallatin Rd
Bozeman MT 59715

They didn't list a phone or web site.

That one was Cocobolo.

I have another batch of as-issued Stiff KISS knives. When I get into another woodworking mood, I'll see what I can do with them.

So many projects, so little time!


I finally got the KISS in the mail today. I took the stretchy strap that has been sitting in my drawer for a few weeks and wrapped myself a handle. Not bad--actually kind of fun doing this.

The thing that surprised me about this knife was how sharp it was. Nearly the sharpest knife I have ever seen out of the box. My arm is silky smooth now, looks funny, though.

Great thread Marcus. I now got a decent backpack knife.



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I think the stiff kiss is really cool. Going to get me one very soon. I think it's like the old Monte Carlos and other second rate muscle cars, Cheap, unknown, easy to alter, and interesting to work with. Anyone can go out and buy a factory built hotrod. It takes skill and talent to "upgrade" it to the next level. I think the stiff kiss is the cutlery world's hoola hoop.

The cocobola handle really dresses up the kiss too. Nice job

Great thread. Glad it is still open. Can anyone point me in the direction of G-10 slabs? Exotic woods I can find. A friend of mine plans to buy a STIFF to use as a spear head. Something about wild boar.(As opposed to a wild bore.)