Two 12" Sirupatis by Jag & Prem. Small cracks in handles. Pix & deal.

Mar 5, 1999
I have two 12 inch, 12 ounce Sirupatis made and marked by Jag & Prem. These both are 10/10 efforts. The only thing wrong with these rigs is each has a small crack, about a half inch, in the handle. Superglue fix.

These little cracks will save you $30 on these rigs.

We will deliver these rigs to your door for $45 each.

Call or email if interested.


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    12 inch sirupati by jag & prem -- half inch crack in handle.jpg
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Too much bend at the elbow, too large a handle, FOR ME. Got one like that, it's fine, but it hasn't got the ATTITUDE Audrey does. Otherwise I'd grab both of them at the same time, just to have them for whatever ( gift, extra backup, etc. ).
Handle is about 4 & 1/4 from top of bolster. Blade is 8 & 1/4. These 12 inchers are a little more than 12.
Saving for a monster here. As well as a Trip to Oklahoma. If I cant make it to the Kukvention because of school :( .....I will have a lot to spend :D :D :eek: :eek:
I been wanting one of these . . .

BTW, anybody know about Jag & Prem? Looks like nice work from the pix.
I have the 1st Dui Chirra Chainpuri from Jag and Prem and it's 1st class all the way.
Another team of kamis that know exactly what to do.:D

I know it will only be gas, but I gotta buy a kuk too :D

I cant leave Yvsa's place empty handed :eek: That would be unthinkable!!!!

I figure it will cost about a medium kuk to get there and another the way that means that I have to save....oh my :confused:

I am calculating expenses by what kuks I could buy instead....:eek: :eek: :eek:

Gotta go to the Kukvention....gotta go! Nepal Ho!!! :)
Don't worry, Dave. We'll have special deals at the convention and we will find you something to fit your budget.