Two and 1/2 grinder questions


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Apr 10, 2001
First question:

Is there any one else out there using a cone-loc wheel? I have been using one for the last 15-20 years and just was wondering. I have made a pile of knives using it, but I think it is time for a real grinder. Which brings up the second question.

I have done a search on all the possible grinders. High end Hard-Core, Burr King, Bader, Wilton, Medium range Beaumont, Coote, and Low end Grizzley.

Grizz is out of the question but has or does anyone out there own and use a Beumont (Fink)
and what do you think.

Also are there any new ones out there??

I'd love a hard core, but the beaumont looks like all I can afford.
Trouthead, here are a few more:

Bee, from Canada.

Also one from Log Cabin Forge and Electric,, 517.631.3952 (shop). A picture of it is in Blade, 6/01, page 83. 600 for a 1hp model, 2 X 72 -- looks almost like a Wilton without the covering. 3450 RPM, though, maybe they can slow it down somehow?

There's more, I'm sure...

Click here for Grohmann knives.

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Do you know anyone who still sells cone-loc wheels?
I know you said the griz is not an option, but I have not had any problems with mine yet. I've only made four knives with it but I use it for alot of other things too.
Joe W,
I have tried to see if cone-loc is still in buisness, to no avale. If they are out there the sales can't be very good as I couldn't find them on the net. I think I origanally bought it from Koval.

I do think I will stay away from the Griz as my patience is not very good and there appears to be a need for patience in dealing with grizzly.

I''d still like some first hand information on the Beumont (Fink) Got an email from Mr. Fink in responce to a few questions, and it looks very heavy duty.