Two (just barely) blems. Pix and very good deals.

Mar 5, 1999


Top is a 10/10 15 inch, 15 ounce Sirupati by Durba. The only thing wrong with the entire rig is a tear in the scabbard about an inch long. It can be fixed with a little glue or rubber cement or can be left as is if you don't mind the looks.

That tear will save you $40 bucks. Terry Sisco would probably make an entire new scabbard for less than that.

So, we'll deliver this 15 inch Durba Sirupati to your door for $60.

Call or email if interested in this one.

Bottom is an excellently done BAS -- 15 inches and 1.25 pounds done by Jag & Prem. The only thing wrong with this entire rig is there is a very small repair on the handle -- looks like there might have been an imperfection in the horn and it's been filled with some kind of Himalayan Epoxy. So, you don't have to do anything except look at the repair job by Jag & Prem. They said the reason they sent this model was they were short and horn and had to use what was available.

This repair will also save you $40. We'll deliver this BAS to your door for $60.

Call or email if interested.
DRAT!!! Rfnmlstknfrmsk!! YupYup! (The preceding was was an ancient Ewok explicative which cannot be translated into anything acceptable in other cultures or societies).

Actually, it means "I've got time to sign off and check with SWMBO, and besides, Jim will take the Durba". :confused:
My mom decided that she <b>needed</b> to go for a ride shortly after I got home from work. <i>I swear, the only difference between her, after the surgury, and my dog is the dog don't mind if my mom comes along.</i> :D ;) :) Actually, the dog did come along this time. :D

So, I wasn't here for the UBDOTD, otherwise I would have been too tempted.