Two new ideas from one old one.

Scott Hanson

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Sep 6, 2014
Those sheaths are as knice as the knives. Your leatherwork is amazing.
I'm not surprised that it kept it's edge. The ones I have are still lazers.
Thanks Mack, a lot has been said about s30v being chippy when it first came out, but that has not been my experience with it. IIRC I think some of the knife manufacturers were running the HRc-57ish, to make to knives easier to sharpen, I think that contributed to the problem. Most tools steels seem to like to be right around HRc-60-61 for optimum performance, I think this is where some of these manufactures ran into issues with edge chipping.

Come to think of it I did design and make a 4 1/2 inch drop point hunter a few years back with a slightly narrower blade for the purpose of better performance during field dressing. Here is a pic of the 4 1/2 inch blade and a pic of a 4 inch blade for comparison.

This is the 4 1/2 inch blade.

This is a 4 inch blade.
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