Two reasons why Benchmade should make more fixed blades

Jul 9, 1999
Reason 1: the Nimravus
Reason2: The Nimravus Cub

I just acquired a Nimravus Cub in M2 HSS today. I already own a Nimravus full size in ATS34.
When I first held the full size Nimravus, I was impressed with the overall feel and retention possibilities of the handle. The "grippiness" of the handle has to be held to be truly appreciated as I lack the proper words to do it justice. Pick one up and you'll see what I mean.
The blade profile is of a spear point design and buries itself fairly deep when I thrust it into the pine post that lives in my backyard. There is no slippage of the hand when practicing committed thrusting wet or dry. This tells me that the knife will have no problems when faced with a soft target.
The blade thickness is 1/8". Some may think this thin for a fixed blade, but let me assure you, there is plenty of beef there to hold up under use. Withdrawing the knife from the pine post, I twisted the blade out with no sign of failure or weakness. I am impressed.
The sheath is a fairly stout Kydex type with a clip for attatching to the belt or whatever floats your boat.
My only problem came from the sheath. It seems that the retention of the blade is a little looser than I like. This was easily fixed by drilling a hole 3/8" above the Kydex strap that holds the clip and riveting it. The knife now holds very securely but is not so tight as to compromise deploying the knife. The blade now has the added option of being carried in an upside down mode if you so choose.
The Nimravus Cub has all the same attributes (and the same problem) as his larger counterpart.Oh I almost forgot to mention, the Cub has a Kydex belt loop instead of the clip as it's retention device.
The handle is a bit smaller, in keeping with the scaled down theme, however, the handle is not too small.
Actually, in my hands, it feels, well, perfect. Not too large and not too small
but jussst right. (said Goldylocks)
The Cub is a really great idea. It rides fairly unobtrusively on your belt, and it is comfortable to carry. Plus, if you add the extra rivet as I did, and drill two more holes on the end of the sheath, it works as a neck knife as well. (Since neck knives seem to be the topic of the week this week.)
It won't hide as well, of course, but we can't have everything now, can we?
All that being said, I hope that BM takes the hint(!), hint(!) and starts delving into fixed blades a little more. They did pretty ok with these two, who knows, they may start yet another trend.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

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I agree with you. I do not own either of the Nimravus line, but my girlfriend wants one. I like the older BM and PC fixed blades, and BM should consider re releasing the older styles and introducing newer models.

I like your "coup de coeur" review !

It's good to have folder specialists like Benchmade (or Spyderco) to use their wits to design little fixed blades.


I want to thank you for turning me on to this blade. Of course, I'd seen it around, but I always have about a dozen "need to have" knives on the wish list, and the Cub was really far down on the list.
After reading your review, however, I found myself wanting one to check it out for myself. I really am glad I got it.
I mounted a horizontal carry kydex belt loop on it and this knife is a dream to carry and use!

It just might become my favorite small fixed blade. Actually, it's climbing the list real fast.
Thanks again!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.


you are welcome my friend !
The Cub is my everyday fixed blade also.
And God knows how many fixed blade I could handle before that little wonder.