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Two Renditions of a Small Fighter

Jan 31, 1999
As timing would have it, both these knives I ordered came in today and beg for a side by side view. Each knife reflects a different interpretation and style for a small fighter. But each is beautiful in its own way.

The first is by Bruce Evans who forged this out of 5160 steel and the handle is linen micarta:


The measurements are:
-9.75" OAL
-5.25" BL
-3/16" thick stock
-1&1/8" blade depth
-4.5" handle length
-5/8" handle width (at the thickest).

The Evans small figher is a traditional bowie design with a sharpened top swedge. It sports a saber grind but ends in an almost convex (Moran) edge. The guard is a mild steel. And the balance is neutral - right at the guard. It comes with a nicely done black leather sheath set for a high belt carry to facilitate a fast draw in a reverse grip. The belt loop comes with a snap for easy on/off.

For more images:


This is a very comfortable knife in forward as well as reverse grip. I don't favor a saber grip with this knife because I think the thumb would be seriously mashed against the guard on a hard thrust. This knife feels very lively and the transition from forward to reverse grip is made in the flat of the handle swell. The rest of the handle is well radiused and contoured. This blade feels great in the hand.

I am tempted to "play" more with the knife but it's gift to a friend. Having tested a Evans Fighting Bowie, I pretty sure this knife can perform. Besides... Boriqua (ALex) will be giving an indepth review of a similar knife by Evans although his dimensions are slightly different. That's right, work with Bruce and he make a knife to your needs and liking.

The next fighter is the Jerry Hossom Stinger. Not much to say about Jerry as he has already established himself fairly well in the "tactical" scene working with various Martial Bladecraft artists. Again someone to work with. The Stinger is modification of one Jerry's existing design to fit my needs/wants:


The Stinger's dimensions:
-9.5" OAL
-5.25" BL
-5/32" thick stock
-1" blade depth
-4.25" handle length
-5/8" handle width (at the thickest).

The Stinger is made of CPM3v with handle slabs of micarta. The knife is full tang but tapers towards the pommel to minimize weight and to effect the balance right at the idex area. Jerry also uses a "modified" hollow grind of sorts. Most hollow grinds tapers towards the edge bevel. Jerry seems to hollow high up on the blade and allows the bottom to thicken up a little bit. Than a fairly wide bevel is put on that part of the grind, leading to the edge. The result is a lighter knife but an edge and tip that are reinforced with more metal. This explains, perhaps, why the Millenium Bowie that Guacho tested did so well in cutting through the leg of lamb without damage. In the case of the Stinger, the reinforced edge/tip may be needed as I asked Jerry to grind a short sharp top swedge on the tip area. This is not a fully double edged knife. Rather, there is .5" of sharpened top swedge that can be used for backcutting techniques. Whether this will work remains to be tested.

Jerry is a master of fitting a handle. This blade is very comfortable in the grip, especially a saber grip, because of the filed top ramp. The handle is contoured in various ways... beyond my ability to describe. One noticable feature is the the middle of the handle is slightly scalloped. My finger tips rest comfortably in that scallop area. This area also facilitates grip changes as well.

The sheath was done by Matt Draper for IWB carry with a security cord to loop around a belt. Interesting work by Matt. The kydex (at least that's what I think it is) is covered with a soft leather. The inside also seems to be lined with some material. The result is a very quiet sheath that doesn't have the "plastic" sound when it is banged or when the knife is drawn.

For more images:

Though the styles of the knives are different, both makers are a pleasure to work
with. I enjoyed the process as much as getting the knives.

Well, I'll be sending the Evans Small Fighter along shortly.
And, sometime in the future, I will do a more extensive review of the Stinger.


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Sing,Those are good pictures of the Knife I sent you,Thanks for posting them.I am glad that you like it and hope your friend does also.Bruce

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Nice stuff sing, thanks for the pics.

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Those babies are sure pretty.
Is the false edge sharpened on the evans?
Brian, San Diego is beautiful but definitely a place for stainless.

Bob, the Evans has a sharpened top swedge because of who it is going to. On my Evans Bowie, the swedge was thin but not sharpened. I did put a 1" edge on myself with ease right at the tip.


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I'll be interested to hear your comments about the security of the Hossom grip if your hands are sweaty, soaped, oiled or bloody. It looks very ergonomic but I would wonder about hard thrusts or cuts with a compromised grip.


Okay, when the time comes, I'll steel my nerves and soap up the handle for thrusting...

I was going to compare this with a double edged A/F covert. But the difference in BL's, 5.25" of the Stinger vs 3.75" of the Covert may make the test a less valid comparison. So, I am in the process of securing a 5" plus production dagger style knife for the comparison.


AKTI #A000356
Just to let people know,I will make the top edge of my knives sharp or almost sharp which ever the customer prefers.....Bruce

Bruce Evans Handcrafted Knives
The soul of the Knife begins in the Fire!!!!!
Member of,AKTI#A000223 and The American Bladesmith Society