Types of steel....

Apr 5, 1999
I understand that there are many types of steel with different qualities that are better in some uses than others, can you explain some of the following:

1)Many less expensive knives are made from 440 stainless, what is the best qualities of that steel?

2)I have a stainless Ek Survival/Fighter that I'm trying to change the angle on part of the blade, but it's taking FOREVER with my Lansky. What kind of steel is it or do you think it is?

3)And finally, this may cause some debate, which steel would you recommend for a 5-7" fixed bladed knife for outdoor use and why?

I'm trying to learn so I can start working on another knife that may turn out...
Thanks much!

Plainsman :)
Plainsman, to begin with, you can get any cheap knife with normally good steel turned cheap. You can get ATS-34 in $30 folders same as 440 or AUS.

I think I would concentrate on who is doing the job and how good they are more so than the steel type. I think any of the steels made today if treated properly are excellent for a knife.

Check on the thread "Letter to Blade Magazine" and you will see many different peoples preferences.