UBDOTD -- 20" Chiruwa Sirupati by Kesar. Pix and bargain.

Mar 5, 1999

Pardon the fuzzy pix.

Here is a 20 inch, 1 pound, 14 oz. Chiruwa Sirupati made by Kesar. It meets HI standards in every way -- fit, finish, hardness, general execution. Karda and chakma maybe a bit on the small side but well done. Scabbard made and tooled by sarki with no name and very nicely done. Frog is 100 year HI superfrog.

A word about Kesar. He's a pleasant fellow and I like him. He has been with us from day one and is a good, realiable steady worker. He does mostly standard stuff like this Sirupati and he does it well. He is not imaginative like Sanu, Bura and Kumar but he does good work. He tries to take care of his wife, six kids, mother-in-law and 4 or 5 other relatives the best he can. He's a good man who makes good, solid khukuris. I don't think whoever gets this rig will be disappointed.

We will deliver this Chiruwa Sirupati made by old Faithful to your door for $95.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Nice knife. I wish I wasn't so low on funds, or else Uncle Bill would have mail. Hopefully soon...
Uncle Bill,
If it is still available, I will take it. I will send e-mail to arrange details now.