UBDOTD and a very good deal it is. Pix and bargain time.

Mar 5, 1999

Here is a picture of one of two plain YCSs that I received yesterday and plain they are. The blade profile is the same as the YCS and we got the karda and chakma rather than the YCS tool kit but they did not fuller the blade. I asked why and they said I had ordered a plain YCS and that is what they made and sent. I have reordered with the fullered blade.

These two khukuris were made by Kesar who has been with us from day one and he has done a very good job. Length is 17 inches, 3/8 thick and weight is 1 pound 14 oz. Don't know if you can see the inlay but it is alternate brass and copper -- maybe not as well done as Sanu would do it but still pretty nice. The fit, finish and hardness are all up to BirGorkha standards. Karda and chakma just fine. Scabbard made and tooled by sarki with no name and pretty well done. HI 100 year superfrog.

This is a $150 or $175 khukuri but we are going to deliver it to your door for $125 (our mistake is your gain) and that is a very good buy. Nice collector's item since there will be only two like this in the world.

For some reason one model is marked with the HI logo and Kesar's mark. The other has no marking at all but I know it's made by Kesar and certainly was made at BirGorkha. If anybody wants a provenance to go along with the unmarked blade let me know and I'll send it along.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Just practicing... I think that I have to wait for my other orders to get here before I get anymore. I don't want to temp fate.

Someone will love this knife. Of that I am sure.


Life is short, art endures.
it's good to see some UBDOTD's again! alas I spent all my money on a tarwar
I know you all feel sorry for me!
Bill-what's a provenance? It sounds like something the pope would have handed a courier in the Middle Ages to bring safe passage through hostile lands. One of my kids recently destroyed our dictionary so I've just got to ask.
Sounds like a hybrid of 'proof' and 'evidence' :)

Good looking khukuri.. alas, I'm still waiting on 3 pending sword orders from misc. places :-/ Some days I really wish I could be making 3 times as much I do now.

Still, very nice. But I think the fullers really help with the overall balance and "feel". It would be interesting to compare them. My YCS is natural extension of my arm.
These are nice and should be excellent choppers due to the added bit of weight.
Uncle Bill said mine weighed in at 1Lb.6oz. so these will be about 1/2 Lb heavier or so.
And yes it will affect the balance a bit, but it shouldn't hurt it any.
Probably be more on the order of a Baby GRS I would imagine.
Mine balances about 2 5/8" in front of the bolster.
It would be interesting to know where the balance point is on these.

I should have got one of these since there should be only 2 of them ever, but I want mine steel mounted and with the original tools made for the YCS.
I may have to wait through several for the kamis to get exactly what I want, but it's worth it to me.
What a man wants is what a man wants and nothing less is ever satisfactory.

Bro is that a habaki style bolster
I see on the pic?

That's something else the fullered blades probably won't ever have since the fuller runs all the way up.
Kinda funny, I have yet to get any khukuri with the H.I. habaki bolster.
I may have to trade one back in after I Yvsa-ize with a full true convex edge and the little trick I do with cuttin the groove around the butt cap and then a full polish on everything.
Of course that might discount it so no one would want it so better just leave well enough alone huh?

Bro just in case you missed it in the body of the post, is that a habaki bolster I see in the pic?



Indin word for lousy hunter.

I'm glad to hear your opinion. I was hoping for the same thing as you for a "plain YCS." I want the blade to be the same as the fancy one. I want a wood handle. I want all the tools especially since the little knives seem to have such a nice shape and some real utility. And I want steel furniture. I guess we will have to wait for a while.

A kukhukri is worth the same as anything else. Exactly the cash money that changes hands.

Osage Orange is free. What if YVSA made a bow? I made a fence post.

20- 30 Houres. and it is not free.

A suspension spring is free here.

What if you beat on hot iron long enough to forge a blade.

It is no longer scrap?