UBDOTD -- older 18 inch AK with cracked handle. Save $45

Mar 5, 1999
I got back from a customer this AK with a cracked handle. It can be fixed with epoxy. Knife is in very good condition and handle still strong even with the crack.

This is an older model from BirGorkha before they were marking blades but I'm almost certain this AK was made by Sher -- 9/16 thick and weighs near 3 pounds. Karda and chakma good, scabbard NOT made or tooled by sarki with no name but okay. Early version of HI superfrog.

Fifty cents worth of epoxy will fix this handle and save you $45. Price delivered to your door is $100.

Cal or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Someone's missing out on a good deal by not snapping this one up.

If I didn't have as many heavy khukuri's as I do I would get it.



Indin word for lousy hunter.
Sorry Bill, one one the way and one in the works. Three khuks at a time is too rich for my blood
Tempting, but just having ordered the tarwar, the wife wouldn't let me get away with it. One day when I can convince her to live in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere and we have no bills---Maybe. Oh well, now back to reality.

This hurts like passing up a good tight S&W/Colt .38 revolver at $150/$160. Don't have a need for it at the moment, but for that price ...

( no, Bill, let someone else have it, I've got plenty stashed )

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Geek want knife!!!