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UDT...Safe for lefty carry?

Jul 2, 2000
I just got a gold UDT in a trade from a forumite. I'm very excited, because I've heard nothing but good things about this knife. My problem is as follows. I'm a lefty, and I don't like sheath carry. Is it safe to carry using the clip in my left pocket? It's the whole tip up family jewels thing. What do you think?
I have a UDT and think it would be OK to use Left Handed up side down, but don't know how you would clip it for Left Hand use?

Where would you clip it to pull it out; the blade would open towards your palm?

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Reverse grip it and tap the button with your pinky. It worked for me.


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I carry my UDT in my left pocket all the time, never had a problem with it going off in my pocket. Familiy jewels are still in pristine condition

(Actually i got this knife from Mr. Chang here! love it!)

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I am a lefty and love my UDT for daily chores. I pondered the same question too. First I took the clip of, attached the lanyard and carried as a pocket knife, in the left pocket of course. However, now I like to carry it clipped in my left back pocket. That way, the spine of the blade rests against the seam of the pocket. This way it provides me with more of a feeling of security, should it accidentally open. I even tried carrying it IWB on the left side of course, but I felt it was too 'complicated', but that's personal. I definitely suggest using the lanyard on the UDT, it greatly aids in getting a fast and easy solid left-hand grip on the knife.
Too bad MT doesn't offer more lefty models. Apart from maybe Sebenza's, there aren't too many higher end lefty utility folders, but I find the UDT to be an excellent alternative.