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Ugliest knives?

Feb 8, 1999
Ok everybody, what do you think is the ugliest knife made that is still an undeniably good functional design?

The one that comes to mind for me is the REKAT Pocket Hobbit. From what Ive heard it's a great knife and very strong; but it's ugly as hell!
REKAT Escalator. Followed at 'photo-finish' distance by the Pocket Hobbit.

To quote: if it looks stupid but it works, it ain't stupid.

REKAT has definately skewed their lineup in favour of functionality over beauty...though they have achieved a sort of utilitarian elegance in the Carnivour.

The Sifu's design just baffles me. Any other company I would accuse of trying to make a fantasy knife...but REKAT? I'm sure that puppy works.


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Youre right on with the escalator. I actually think the Carnivour and the Sifu look pretty good, though.
Seeing as how I have no experience with any of the above,
I will go with one I own and say the BM975.
Ugly as it may be, I find it is a favorite for back up carry as I have put it through all the tests I have found on the forums and feel comfortable with it.
I hope to acquire a REKAT pocket Hobbit in the future.

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I don't find any knife really ugly. Some may be more homely looking than others, but ugly, no. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Don't think the Sifu is homely, just different. That's why I got to have em!


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People
Most so-called "Fantasy" knives are just ugly, IMHO.

Some companies or makers may make one or two less artistic knives. But, in the "Form follows function... resulting in more function and less form" category, REKAT has got to take the prize. Nobody else seems to push function so hard at the complete expense of form.

If, however, you understand the function of REKAT Escalator (or any of their other models), a certain sublime beauty emerges.

No offense, Sal, but the new Toad has to be right up there. Since it's a Spydie, I don't doubt its functionality for a moment; however...

What can I say from ugly people come ugly knives. I was so ugly at birth the Dr. slaped my mother.

Bob Taylor

I'd have to say that I think the Microtech Vector is rather ugly. It's not odd enough to be cool(HAWG for eg.) but nor normal enough to be useful.

I like my women like I like my knives: strong, sharp, well-formed and pattern-welded!
That's a good one Bob!

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I'm laughing out loud here! I was just showing a friend a picture of the Pocket Hobbit, which I called "the ugliest really good knife ever." I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in the feeling. Yeah, I think people are right on here: REKaT knives makes a fine product, but has thrown aesthetics out the window, then gone outside and buried it and danced on the grave.

I used to think that the Police model was a really ugly, really intelligent design. Two years of carry and I think it's kinda pretty now. Knives that function well just kinda grow on you. Beauty is in the eyes of the knife holder?

Since several people have commented on their ugliness, I think REKAT should try to work on this a bit. While I agree that function is definately the most important, you can make small aesthetic changes to a design and still keep its functionality. Besides, most knife nuts look at and play with their knives as much as they use them, so why not make 'em a little more pleasing to the eye?
"Since several people have commented on their ugliness, I think REKAT should try to work on this a bit."

Hmmm. I would not be so swift to say that. two points:

1. They have indeed achieved beauty with the Sifu and the Carnivour, without even trying.

2. I think REKAT has definately proven that there is a market for knife designs that do not spare a single ounce or millimeter for aesthetics. Usually these are bought by people who have the following traits:

they like aircraft like the B-52, the F-4 Phantom (America's proof to the world that brick will fly if you put a big enough engine on it) and the A-10 Warthog

They would, as a matter of fact, prefer to use a sledgehammer to drive in that thumbtack, thankyouverymuch.

they think soccer and basketball would be much more entertaining if they were full contact, like hockey and football.

They fully subscribe to the twin philosophies of 'when in doubt, empty your magazine' and 'peace through superior firepower.'

They find the Causul to be a perfectly reasonable round for plinking and varmit hunting.

No, they are NOT going to trade in that 1978 Ford pickup, because underneath all that rust is a monster v-8 that still runs, damnit.

They believe in being prepared. if this means carting around 68 lbs of gear, clanking like an earthquake in a cutlery store and setting off metal detectors all over town, so be it.

NOTE: I subscribe to some of these. Perhaps thats why i find REKAT so intriguing. Ugly? Yes. Functional? Utterly. Would I own one? Depends. The Pocket hobbit? No. And I don't think any amount of 'tarting up' would make me buy one. Carnivour? Yes. I'm considering it heavily.

When we talk aesthetics, we are talking image. REKAT already has one. Smashmouth, head on, screw-you-if-you-think-its-ugly functionality. That appeals to a lot of people. If you water that down to try and achieve another kind of image, you could easily end up gaining few converts but losing a lot of defectors.


Great thoughts and I must admit that I also subscribe to most of those beliefs! But remember that a knife doesn't have to lose any function to have better looks. And when I say good looks, I dont mean a knife has to be cute or pretty; a knife can also look sleek, sinister(which can be useful in a defensive knife
), streamlimed, exotic, or just plain cool-looking.


I think REKAT has designed them this way for a reason...or rather, has not bothered to do any dressing-up on them for a reason.

I agree with you, Spoon...you can achieve the same level of functionality and have it look more 'gentlemanly' or 'elegant.' I would indeed be more likely to buy one if they did...but its a numbers game. I'm betting REKAT rules the niche market of thug-like folders. If I was Bob Taylor, I would not change a thing.

BTW, the carnivour looks like a Mafia hit man in an Armani suit. Civilized, but just barely.


Hey! Uncle Sam!

(_!_) Nyah nyah nyah!

Refund! You lose! :)

One of the things that I have always liked about knives is that in a well-designed knife, form follows function implicitly. This is the ultimate standard of beauty, the triumph of ergonomics over aesthetics. This makes such knives as the Pocket Hobbit and Hobbit Warrior utterly beautiful. Let's face it, the Hobbit Warrior is like a beautiful woman:sublimely curved, soft in the right places, and sharp!
Mr Taylor,

IMHO, don't change a thing. As much as I might chide you a bit, I think your products are great.

Now, can we talk about building me an Escalator with snakewood instead of G10?

Nearly all the Spyderco knives qualify IMHO. And (nogoles?) designs like the CS Vanquero Grande I find particularly distasteful. I have a feeling I'll be changing my mind though, what with all the Spydie enthusiasts here hammering at my prejudices.

I agree that the Sifu is ugly, but it's a beautiful kind of ugly - alluring and strangely addictive.

On the form and function/beauty side of things, the REKAT Pioneer is really tugging at my heart (purse) strings right about now...

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