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Ugly as Sin?

Sep 9, 1999
Why do most of the new production folding knives at the moment seem to be G10 or Zytel with blackened blades?
I do not doubt the quality or utility of these models but what about manufacturers providing something along the lines of what the late AlMar was offering. Surely a 'tactical' knife does not have to be just like the Ford model 'T'( any colour as long as it is black )?
Am I alone in wanting more variety. Not everyone can afford the custom makers' prices.


P.S. Give me the old AlMar Talon series over the new stuff anyday!
Personnaly I hate black blades on folding knives...I am not in Spec Ops and have no need for it. As for corrosion resistance, I have never had a problem with it. I only have a few knives that have any type of coating and those are all from Newt. As for the trend in black knives....it's a dollar thing. People buy and companies sell. I still like the look of my old Buck 110 over 95% of the blades out there. And when I go for a new knife I always opp for the plain blade. Also, give me a polished blade to a bead blasted one anyday!

I like satin blade finish also but Black T really helps in corrosion resistance.

G-10 and zytel are also lightweight highly durable substances.

In many ways "tactical" = "practical." I still haven't found a use for a lot of tactical blade styles, but the materials are usually very durable and resilient to the environment. While I'd love stag or pearl scales for my BM Axis 705, I know that being dropped on the pavement wouldn't forgive them the way it does G10 (and Micarta for that matter). It would seem that G10 has found a place in the tactical and working knife world. ATS and M2 are certainly good cutting steels, though bead blasting or BT2ing them isn't a necessity for me either.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!

Opps! Thought that by the title it was a thread about Janet Reno

I like black blades for appearance. Problem is, they do get ugly when they get scratched. Nowhere near as ugly as Reno though, for that you need,,,,well,,this is a family forum so I'll let it drop.