Ugly trend?

Jul 26, 1999
Sorry in advance if I offend anyone, but I have looked at a lot of knives recently and am having a hard time finding ones that I really like. Lots of quality but the bulk seem to be saw-toothed tantos. While I can appreciate the mean looking aspect of them and have one (the serrations do a bangup job on my toenails) I question their value for everyday use. The one I used at work was a PITA to use with the suddenly angled blade and the grabby serrations gave me less than comfortable control. I like a large plain edged folder of the one hand type with a rounded edge profile.

Paragon makes two that look sharp and are in my price range, the xo-lite and cobra. The s&w military also caught my eye but I have decided to stay away from that line. See the post "largest auto".

Let me know what you all think. Especially if you use a serrated/tanto regularly. Nightly covert operations don't count.
I use serrtions all the time, but I am not fond of Tanto blades for anything other then simply having around the house. Every knife I consider to carry on my person (save Pioneer) has a partially serrated blade. I know the Axis-Lock is much prettier with the plain blade, but as I have carried the Axis with me I have noticed I make sure of the serrations almost every time I cut. If it's not a job that calls for exclusive use of the serrated blade, it will be soething that I use the serrations to start a cut, then move onto the plain blade to make the clean lines I need. I don't know about the everyday use of a Tanto, but serrations have proved very useful for me.


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Stray, tanto's, serrations and just about any other aspect of knife geometry has its advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of people who use both and pick them from a wide range of possibilities. Ron Hood for example likes a tanto point and he is not lacking for knife choices. Mike Turber like serrations and he has possibly the largest knife collection on blade forums.

My carry knives are all plain edge. Just because I like the clean look of the plain edge blade. Rotate between a sebenza, military, axis and police. But carry a delica serrated as a money clip for the few times sawing through rope ect would be needed. Also, when not in the office, a leatherman wave on my belt for any type of edge use.
Love the mirror look of the edge pro sharpened plain edge.


What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?


As far as I'm concerned, knives is like airplanes. I've never seen one too ugly to keep.

That said there are some really purty ones out there.

While it is a tanto point, the James Brothers' Cheyenne is quite fetching:

And here's a sleek little springer from TiKnives:

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