Ultimate Fantasy Knife

Oct 26, 2000
OK, Let's say you had unlimited funds
Now let's say you had a desire for a really nice knife
. What would you choose:

1. Style- Folder, Fixed, other

2. Materials- these could be anything under the sun. Ordinary, exotic, ridiculous, whatever as long as they are currently in existence.

3. Maker

My choice right now would be for an ergonomic combat folder using the Busse steel for the clip point blade. I'd use heat colored titanium for the liner, frame and bolsters. Box Elder for the scales with inlayed stones and cast pieces of precious metals. The thumbstud would probably have a stone in it as well. The maker would be Chris Reeve.

That's a good start. I'll try to remember to post this again in year and we'll see how my tastes have changed.

Peter Atwood

Ooooh, I'd get a mirror polished Microtech Tanto, but in a size between the mini-SOCOM and the full sized SOCOM. The line-lock and the bolsters would be titanium, with the bolsters a 'gun metal blue' like on 1870's Colts. The grips would be stag, and all of the screws would be 'Amurkin' sizes so you could buy the darn wrenches at hardware stores! The bevels would set at 18 degrees, and the knife would be delivered in a shorter period than three years...--OKG
...oh, and I forgot...I want a plain, non-serrated edge, blade of 154-CM and I want Darrel Ralph to make it...--OKG
OK, I'll play. My fantasy knife of the moment would have a blade-shape like a Spyderco Civilian only it would be a fixed blade. High-carbon steel; O-1 maybe or some other high performance steel. Corrosion resistance in no concern because I would want it blued. Plain-edge. I'd want it tempered so that the spine of the blade is softer than the edge so it would bend before breaking. Would have to be full tang with...snakewood scales I think. As for the maker, well, anyone that could accomplish it would be fine but I'm going to have to go with Darrel Ralph as well after seeing pics of some of his finer works. I guess that's it...

...After reading OKG's I'd like to add a titanium guard blued like the blade. Hope you don't mind me swipin' ideas OKG.

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Im trying to figure out how to put a couple pictures of a fantasy folder on here. I'll be back!

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Hey, Disco Stu! I have 'price and availability' out to Darrel Ralph for my fantasy knife...--OKG
3.75 inch drop point
wide thin blade, no recurve
full flat grind to the spine
stainless damascus (from Darrel Ralph)
thumb hole opening (circular only)
Axis Lock
titanium liners (toying with the idea of a single piece liner for minimal handle flex towards the open side or maybe fully open with matched sleeve offsets/standoffs for the screws and easy cleanout
synthetic scales, perhaps an inlay pattern of carbon fiber, micarta and so on, with a damascus bolster/accents (undecided here)
file worked spine and liners
threaded inserts for screws
bronze washers
slightly dropped edge design in relation to the handle, sort of like the LCC drops its edge.
Very small or possibly no included angle, (depends on overall design)
integral pocket clip in the fashion of the Impulse intended for the right front pocket
tip down carry

It would be a HUGE Subhilt bowie made by David Broadwell. (depending on my mood, it might be Hibben) It would have Really awesome materials, the handle would be alternating Lapis, and Mamoth Ivory rings, separated by thin titanium rings, the butt would have a large pointed pommel with Sapphires encrused in it. The guard would be Stellite and stick out to protect the hand. And the blade would be, of course, Kryptonite, er, um, Pattern Damascus Steel with an alternating intricate Lion and Tiger motif. Of course the Blade would be a traditional clip point Bowie. and it would also read thumb prints and elecrocute nonusers....

Oh, and I almost forgot, I would have rainbow style anodized titanium (by Darryl Ralph) inlays on the guard, because that stuff is cool also.

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