Ultimate micro fighter?

Oct 12, 1998
What in your opinion is the ultimate micro fighter? By this I mean a small fixed blade with a blade length of 4 inches or less, which can be concealed well. It can be a neck knife but doesn't have to be one. The knife can be carried comfortably and be suitable for self defense. I am looking forward to your replies.
Definitely either my R.J. Martin Handiman (3" blade), or my R.J. Martin Kozuka. (3.5" blade) These both conceal easily, and are very quick in the hand. The Kozuka is extremely strong and the sheath system is excellent. It works perfectly as a neck knife, or with the clip sheath in IWB or upside down clip carry. The magnets hold this knife in the sheath incredibly well and the knife came sharp!!

Simonich Cetan...Tanto or Droppoint...light, fast, comfy and sharp!

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Sean Perkins Kerver (Antiqua or Novare), Sean Perkins Kelta Novare. I'm a little biased, but not that biased. I use and train with them every day, and I see them tested constantly.

Jane Perkins

Fred Perrin: La Griffe or Subway Bowie (I am a big fan of Fred and his wares.)

Sean Perkins: Kerver (I haven't practiced with it in this manner, but it is a stout little piece, though I am somewhat concerned about the ability to retain the knife in an "altercation".)

Ray Kirk: Damascus (L6/Cable)tanto neck knife. 3.1 inch razor sharp tanto blade, bone handle. OAL about 6.25 inches. Doesn't hide quite as easily as my Griffes or Street Bowie, but what a blade.


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I was just about to mention the Nealy Aikuchi II til I saw it above. I've got the M2 package, and love it, but I guess now I've got to think of another one. How 'bout the REKAT Hobbit Fang.

I'm seeing only custom responses, so let me throw in something on the production front (well, former production, actually):

The NCT Bodyguard. Cool little 4" blade of 12C27 that is completely symmetrical and came in two versions, double-ground as a dagger or fully flat-ground as a drop-point. I like the latter. Also came in bead-blast, black coat, or mirror-polished. The handles have a grippy spider-web pattern and are removable to leave it a "skeleton" knife. The sheath is a nifty idea from the days before Kydex was common in production. It's a molded plastic that holds the knife tightly in any position (left or right, since the knife's symmetrical). Many have tried these, but this one really worked. It had a removable boot clip that let it be attached in a variety of positions and retailed around $50-$60, I think. Very neat knife, wish I'd picked one up. I put scales on several but never did get one of my own! They are still quite a few in circulation, though...

I don't consider this a "fighter," but I don't consider anything in this size class a fighter because I think fighters are for knife-vs-knife "duels" and virtually must be 9" or larger with substantial guards. I'd call these "hideout" knives. Just my opinion.


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Use the lanyard on your Kerver; if you've cut it down, you can replace it at about 18" (before tying), and the sheath makes a fairly decent wristguard if you don't have time to remove it. Better yet, use the baby Glock.

Sean Perkins
I'll put in my 2 cents for the RJ Martin Kozuka, the Bud Nealy 3.5" Pesh Kabz or Kinzhal or the Bob Dozier Arkansas Toothpick.

Funny you should mention that.

While at work today I was experimenting with wrapping the lanyard around my pinky while leaving the sheath attached. Really provides a nice secure grip. (Obviously in a "rush" situation you wouldn't have time to remove the sheath anyway, and probably not even get to wrap the lanyard around your finger.)

As for your other point, the Glock would definitely be my first choice.



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Keep that up and I'm gonna have a long talk with Jane!


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Would have to agree with Corduroy on the definition of a "fighter". Having said that, I like my Dozier "Straight Personal" that I picked up at the Blade Show. 4" inch handle with a 2.75" blade. The handle is has four finger indexes and integral guard. The hand is locked in! Blade is D2 and razor sharp. The kydex is a beaut! Nice design -- press down on the belt clip (for cross draw) and the knife slides out like butter. Actually, the knife and sheath fits right in the pants pocket and the blade slides out easily when pressing the clip.

No such thing as the "ultimate" since it's really personal taste and attributes. But I like the Dozier -- alot!

Mad Dog Rat Thing.

More ergonomic than a Martin Kozuka or Dozier. Stronger than a Polkowski (ATS-34).

All three of those are great though.