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Ultimate Survival Guide anyone? New Name

That's kinda weird that they changed the name. Looking at the schedule, I see shows entitled "Venice in Vegas", "Millionaire Passions", "Cruise Ship Secrets"

I think someone at the travel channel screwed up the listing... That or the good host will show you how not to loose your shirt in Vegas! (I wonder what kind of knife he carries for that?)

Thanks MDP,
I didn't know about the show until I saw your post. Just turned it on and think it looks pretty cool.
Gotta go. Commercial just ended.
Just wanted to say thanks again. I ended up watching two episodes back to back. Interesting uses for bamboo that I hadn't even considered. Also learned about a 4 coconut a day limit in survival situations.(Just in case I'm ever stranded in my personal heaven).
I think I'll try to develop the competitive sport of wilderness survival. It's just figuring out how to score it that will be interesting. (Maybe by body count:confused: )
Best Regards
Alan Wood is the knife maker. One of the best British makers, full time and seems to scratch a living from it. His knives are not that dear either: £120 ($170) upwards. Good honest stuff; he has done it long enough to get good results from his steels.

I've seen Ray also use Martindales.
Curiousity was eating me alive trying to get a good look at it to see if I could tie it to a company or maker.
I'm glad you were able to swat that bug for me!:D