Ultra Lock, bends over backward?

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Mar 2, 1999
I have a friend that owns a CS Ultra Lock, the lock is great the liner will not let the blade fall onto your fingers, but from extended use the blade is now too loose, front to back, like it's trying to fold close the other way? I was going to email CS but I didn't see anything on their page as far as an email address.
Has anyone else have this happen to them?
Does anyone have the email to Cold Steel?

Try tightening the hex bolts. They might need some adjustment after a while.

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Nah, there is something snapped that stops the blade from going back, inside there is a channel that a pin rides in, but it is not doin' it's job.

Thanks anyway,
I have never had my UL apart but I cannot see anything other than the liner preventing the blade's moving past the lockup position.
I have always treated my knife a bit more gently because I felt this system was doubtfull.
Most liner lockers have some kind of positive stop anchored securely to the handle in addition to the liner...a stop pin through the handles, a metal spacer bar in the handle spine or just the thumb studs resting against metal handle material.
Sounds like you have damaged the liner.
The pin and track you refer to....could it be the equivelent of a ball detente ?
If so, it would have little to do with locking the blade open.
It really is a shame that CS didn't pay more attention to the mechanism.....it was a nice little one hander, otherwise.

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No, it's not the lock so much as something is missing inside, the fellow who's knife it is said he could probably fix it, the blade is pretty sharp, I had several but sold them as I needed the money. This is an earlier model that didn't have a ball bearing detent, opens easier but is more likely to open in your pocket.

Thanks, this is a great place to find information and check stuff out, I luv it!

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