Uluchet : Initial impressions

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
A Uluchet is a small hatchet with a very unique ability and that is that it can be folded. It can be transformed from a chopping tool to one suitable for slicing / skinning. This is a very nice ability as it eliminates the main disadvantge of hatchets which is that they don't perform well over a broad range of applications.

My initial impressions of the Uluchet can be found here:


It will recieve heavy use in the upcoming weeks and will be tested against more traditional tools over a wide range of applications. Preliminary testing is very positive.

It will be interesting to see how well it performs against the other items.
Definately, note that while it is designed primarly as a hunting type tool there is a great deal of utility application possible. While it doesn't have near the raw chopping power of a 15" Ang Khola it does have all the necessary power to gather enough wood for a fire, cut a few sticks for makeshift roasters, point them up, and still be able to quite easily clean a few trout (which always taste better when you catch them). Its too bad there is no ice around here any more as that would have been a nice application.

P.J., who sells them is a nice guy, and one of the first indications of this came quite early in our discussions. I mentioned that one of the reasons I would like a small hatchet is that it looks a lot friendlier than a knife that has enough mass to chop. He immediately pointed out that the Uluchet folded and carried in the sheath may look like you are carrying a gun. When ever someone is upfront about negative aspects of their products it is always a good sign that you are dealing with an honourable person. By the way if the gun thing concerns you, it can be carried in the unfolded position as the sheath is open at the bottom.


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We at Arizona Knife Source have had the Uluchet for several months. It has recieved many favorable comments, some from our Grand RE-Opening such as Chuck Buck and David Gransbury (president of the Ulu Factory in Alaska). This is one tough customer, not to be over looked as a defensive weapon. As thick as the blad is the double beveled edge is incredably sharp. Worth a second look.
As an update to an aspect I mentioned awhile ago, the replacement handles for the Uluchet arrived yesterday. It is very possible to carry an additional set with you and replace the ones on it if they break (which is fairly difficult to do), with nothing more than a multi-tool and a SAK. It is a tight fit so some lubricant would make the job a bit easier. This is a very nice design aspect as in the case of a fire or something that damages the handle you are not that seriously impaired. I also used the Uluchet for a brief period without the handle. It was uncomfortable but you could slice or do some skinning with it. It would be very hard on your hands to chop with it like this though. But its actually easier to throw than with the handle on it.