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Umfaan and Large/Small Sebenza owners

May 22, 1999
I was considering a Large Sebenza but now I'm thinking more about the Umfaan. Does anyone have an Umfaan and Sebenza? If you could have only one which one would it be? Is the small Sebenza a good compromise? The only negative posts I could find was the price. Did the price bother you? Did you get over it after you received your knife?
I say buy both.I own and carry both a large sebenza and a umfaan.I think they were worth what i paid,i have paid alot more for a handmade knife and was dissapointd in it.

I am already wincing in anticipation of the tongue lashing my wife is going to give me when she finds out how much I paid for a single knife! Especially with 3 little mouths to feed.

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David...whats goin on? Yes the Small Seb. in my opinion is the best to buy first....I have a large and a small...the small is by far my main carry these days it works like a much bigger blade and is lighter and handier to do the delicate stuff...The thickness of the blade gives up nothing to the large Seb. People don't jump when you flik it out. I do not have the extra small yet, but if I was a Seb. virgin I would start in the middle!
I agree with Bartman. I have a small sebenza that I carry everyday and I'm already looking to buy another small decorated.

David . . . you're looking at two extremes, the large or the small. I think you need to think about the uses you might put the knife to or where you will carry it, that might decide the size. You may wish to also consider your hand size.

I've carried a small decorated Sebenza for over 3 years now. It works for me in the urban lifestyle, but if I wanted a dress knife I would lean towards the Umfaan, and if I wanted a more outdoorsy knife I would step up to the Large Sebenza.

Regards, HILTON
I have a new small, an older large and a newer large Sebenza, today I'm wearing my Think Twice - Cut Once T-shirt and that requires wearing a Sebenza and I have the small one on. The large is big! and the Umfaan is, well, pretty, no, very small. I had been on the verge of getting one untill I was at the Blade Show and got to handle one, way to small for my taste, nicely made and will cut, but much too small.

The Small Sebenza is really the way to go! Only a 3" blade but really holds up to abuse and heavy cutting. I like the large ones as well, don't get me wrong, it's just the small fits the hand better and as those above mentioned it will really depend on what you are going to use it for as to just how big a knife you will need.

Write down some uses you can think of that will come into play for your future knife and see what falls out! As for price, you can always place a Knife Wanted add and someone seems to come up with an extra knife they would like to sell. I had a second small Sebenza to sell recently and had good luck on the forums.

Maybe you have some knives to consolidate to fund your purchase?

Enjoy your Sebenza!

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I have the small and large Sebenza as well as the Umfaan.
I carry the Umfaan daily, seconded by the small Sebenza.
The large Sebenza is a BIG folder and seldom gets carried.
No matter which one you buy first, it will be followed by another purchase. I'd say get the small Sebenza then agonize on which one ( Umfaan or large Sebenza )to buy next

I'll chime in for starting with the small Sebenza. It's a great size, doesn't scare people, and in my experience anyway, sails through the airport using the old "pretend it's a money clip by putting some bills in the clip" trick. I have an Umfaan, and it is, indeed, small. I originally got the Umfaan as a Sunday-go-to-meeting knife, or for very dress occaisions, but find that because of the clip (I really like the "handiness" of a clip) I even wore the Sebenza when I got married, as well as a couple of other formal events. I've held several large Sebenzas, and found that they are, indeed, fairly large, that I might not carry it or use something smaller when amidst the "sheeple". Have at it, start small, and go from there!

Don LeHue

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David, I like the large Sebenza (I own two, one old and one new) and don't think its too large, then again I'm a big guy (6'5"/300lbs). I'd love to get a umfaan but would have to give it to my wife because of its size (too small!). The small Sebenza is a nice size but if I want that size knife I use my mini-afck.
I have to agree with Hoss. The large is the way to go for us bigger individuals....I am 6'2" 240 lbs and have big hands(even find the Military a bit small until I compare it to others of that size)
I find the Large Seb to be a good size albeit still a bit too small, but otherwise a great knife.
Actually, I find myself considering sending it back to Chris to trade for a Shadow IV or a Project I or II.....

God bless!

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I'm 5'8" and 195lbs with 75% bodyfat
The only time I broke 200lbs was in Tennessee, all that good hospitality. I think the Small Sebenza is a good starting point. Now where is a good place to buy a decorated one. Preferebly the decorated fly(?)
I have the Zulu Trio, I find that I carry the small Sebenza most. The Umfaan is a tad too small, a good "Dressy" knife. The large is okay for chores and I need to buy a case as the clip bends if I hook it on something like the truck door. I am lusting for the Arizona Knives damascus decorated, but $600 is a tad too expensive right now.
Seems it all comes down to what size you like provided you've experienced one or more of them. I have the large sebenza though I am a mere 5'9" 170. My hand is not large, but I choose the large because it is intended to be my primary backup backpacking utility knife. It fits my hand perfectly and is the closest thing to the more impervious (to dirt, etc) fixed blade I like to use as a primary knife for even modern minimal-impact back packing camping.

It turns out I can wear it most places around me even daily because I spend a lot of my time (certainly weekends and evenings in the summer) working around the house and property where a knife comes in handy quite often. When I go to work in my office environment, while I would dearly *love* to be able to afford a small sebenza, I find that "elegant looking" and sufficiently robust (nowhere near as strong as sebenza, but then superior strength not needed for office utility) one-handed-folders exist at a much lower price point. My personal favorite happens to be the BM/Crawford Leopard Cub collaboration, but there are dozens of other examples, and some at even lower price points. Consider the small CRKT "Commander" for something around $25 I think...

What drives my decision is that I don't actually *use* a blade in the typical office day nearly as much as I *use* my knife(and back up if I loose the primary) in a backpacking day, or the backup as primary while I'm around the house and doing property work (which is pretty much every weekend now).

The larger sebenza is used and appropriate a lot, so I decided to go for that one. A smaller one would not be used so much, though that doesn't mean I wouldn't *carry* it all the time :). I can easily see the decision fall the other way (favoring the smaller knife) if little use for the outdoors is planned!
I just got a large Sebenza a few weeks ago, and it goes with me everywhere except when I'm wearing a suit (which is a bit too often for my taste). Clipped in my front pocket, I don't notice the extra weight at all. I have never handled a small Sebenza, but I can't imagine wanting anything smaller, except maybe for carry with the more delicate pockets on my suits.

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