Umfaan Fans out there?

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
All this ruckus about the Sebenza, I was wondering how many have the really small one?
I've been thinking of getting one, the zig zag design, but wondered how it compares against the small Sebenza?
The small Sebenza seems just about right for pocket carry or use, do any of you use the Umfaan daily?

I also have the older style large Sebenza as well, (I must have an iron deficiency gotta have more knives......


When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
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I love my Umfaan, a zig-zag pattern, and often carry it with me. It's a great little knife, sharp, well made, smooth, and a solid lock for such a small knife. My wife really likes it, and agarees with me that it's really an attractive knife, and just the right size not to scare anybody.
Unfortunately, I generally don't use it very much at all. I really wish it had a clip, or if there was some way to add one. I know, I know, call it sacriligeous, but I'm simply much more used to grabbing my Sebenza from its usual perch on the edge of my pocket, using it, and putting it away where it's more easy to get to the next time I need it. Being in the pouch at the bottom of my pocket is more troublesome, but maybe with practice, it can be a more natural action to reach for.
I carry my Umfaan every day. It gets used for opening mail, ketchup pouches, containerized stuff, fingernails, splinters, fruit, cigars and every once and awhile a steak or pork chop.
It's a very sturdy knife for its size, and the blade is and remains extremely sharp.

My Umfaan was like Don's, but I tired of needing the leather pouch to protect the polished zig-zag scale.
I returned my large and small Sebenzas and the Umfaan to the Reeves for engraving. While they were in the shop, I had the zig-zag scale replaced with a plain one. My name was then engraved on each knife in identical font, but in proportion to each knife's size.
Also, since I hate clips, the Reeves added the coolest titanium plug for the machined area where the clip mounts on the large Sebenza and will mail me one for the small Sebenza when they become available.

I carry the Umfaan daily. My second choice is the small Sebenza.
Mt large Sebenza is always with me when I'm outdoors, but it is carried in its belt sheath.
Later, Bill
boy, I'm getting tempted! maybe for Christmas or sooner if I can build up enough discretionary money....

Bill - what didn't you like about the zig zag?


When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard

I like the zig-zag pattern. It was my preference over the circle pattern.
Then the Umfaan became available with the plain bead-blast titanium scale.
These scales aren't polished, and look the same whether the knife has been handled or put away clean. Also, the bead-blasted scale can have tiny pocket scrathes removed by a gentle cleaning with soft scrub.....simple maintainance!
The polished scale on the Umfaan was the only item that did not round out my collection.
When I decided to get all three engraved, I also changed the scale where all matched.
These knives all have "W.R. McWilliams" engraved on them, and I hope to pass them down a few generations.
In the meantime, I use them.
Gary, I own an Umfaan but have yet to take it out of the house. It is one of forty "blue circles" pieces, and is a decoration at this time. I thank this piece for helping change my wifes mind about my collection. She mistook it for a piece of jewelry the first time she saw it, and I am now allowed to display my collection.

I have a plain handled engraved Umfaan on the way from CRK, so I will have a carry version as well. Just can't stop