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Unbreakable/unbendable Blade

Jun 15, 2000
Sometime last year I read a test review of combat knives. In addition to all the usual tests they had one I had not seen before. The testers put the knife blade between two boards and then used the haft to support their body weight.

Only one knife passed all the tests.

Naturally, I don't remember the forum or the name/brand of the knife.

Can anyone out there help??

Semper Fi
I bet it wasn't a Kabar. Check out my post in the Blade Discussion area.

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
You're right, that was it. Thanks.

Do you know of any other similar tests/reviews. Do you have any comments on the ATAK or DSU2 or other comparable knives?

I'm Very interested in tools that tough and well made

Semper Fi
That was an interesting test that was posted on tactical forums, but I wonder about one thing. The guy doing the test is a moderator and dealer of Mad Dog knives.
It seems to me that it is a blatant commercial stunt...
I'm probably gonna get flamed for saying this.
And I doubt these guys have ever done hard manual labor, cause their hands sure seem sensitive. Aww, the checkering on the Seal Team 2000 hurt their little hands

It's so agressive!
My butt! I've used and abused the crap out of my Seal Team knife and it has never abraded or blistered my hands, even after having chopped 22 4 inch in diameter fence posts to a sharp point. Only once have I managed to damage the tip on it. I threw it full power at a tree and hit a nail buried in the wood. The tip was messed up bad. I spent about two hours with a some stones and the tip was restored.
I don't work for SOG or Mad Dog. I've tried the Mad Dog knives and I don't like 'em a whole lot. Sorry, the handles just don't work for me. Too slick. I doubt I would be able to maintain my grip on the knife if the handle was covered in blood or oil. On the Seal Team 2000, sure. The agressive checkering on the handle ensures that.
Sorry about the rant, but seeing a test like this reminds me of the socalled "scientific journals" published by the Jehova's witnesses. Biased...

Joshua "Kage" Calvert

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Originally posted by Deaf Smith:
I'm Very interested in tools that tough and well made.

Since you are interested in virtually unbreakable/unbendable blades you may want to check out the review I just wrote of a HI Bowie.



Hilton's tests were a re-enactment of the same tests, more or less, done in the SEAL knife trials or something like that. So while it is certainly good to take information got from a dealer with a grain of salt, these tests were also done by the Navy with similar results.

Since that test was done, a lot of great military grade knives have come on the scene, many of them perhaps the equal of the Mad Dog ATAK when it comes to use as a pry bar. A dubious distinction for a knife, in my opinion.
True the tests done were performed by the military and oddly enough, the Seal Team 2000 passed with flying colors. One test I find conspicously missing is the saltwater immersion test which was and is part of the Navy's testing curriculum. For some reason I don't think the Mad Dog's would pass quite so nicely. Maybe it's the capillary action of the Hardchrome, combined with the substandard rust resistance of O1. That and the fact that the steel is exposed at the edge makes me very uneasy about the prospects of using a Mad Dog in any kind of corrosive environment.
I'll take properly heat treated 440A anyday.

Besides, I didn't see the Navy and Spec-Ops guys complain about the "horrible" ergonomics of the Seal Team 2000.
Call me biased, I like the knife and it works. And apparently it works not just for me.

Joshua "Kage" Calvert

"Move like Water, strike like Thunder..."