Uncle: Does the warranty follow the knife

Apr 20, 2000
In my previous post, I announced that I received my WWII as a trade. So, does the lifetime warranty stay with the knife? Or does it only apply to the original owner? Thanks.
Fear not, Icopy, if your khukuri fails, Uncle Bill will not.


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That's good to hear. I firmly believe that a company should stand behind its products. Too often, company will extent the product's lifetime guarantee only to the original buyer. A company that offers a lifetime warranty that follows the product is truly a gem. I'm glad I made this trade. And I want to thank all of you for your help.
Icopy You may nick and scratch the blade up, perhaps even damage the handle in some way, but there are few ways you will hurt the khukuri enough to make use of the warranty especially since it was made by Sanu.
But then I feel the same way about all of the BirGhorka kami's since they're the best Nepal has to offer and if you don't believe it they will tell you so

I firmly believe the only way to really maybe damage a H.I.Khukuri is to run over one with an Abrams Tank and even with that unless it damaged the handle beyond use a bit of work with a chakma and a hone would bring it back to full use.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
I wonder if the 800 LB Super Salyan can be used for pesky M1 Abram tanks?

The 800 LB was a weight that was miscommnunicated or misunderstood in the English Nepali information exchange.

I don't think anything made out of our beloved 5160 would be too effective against an Abrams. Atleast I hope for the sake of our country's defence, that even an 800 lbs khukuri would be ineffective.
Although, I would be very afraid of a person who can wield an 800 lbs khukuri. Think about it, I'm a bit over 6', I like my weapons to be under 3lbs. So, that khukuri would be about 25 times the size of a normal BIG khukuri. You can just think about how tall that person would have to be! You might want to have nothing short of an Abrams when attacking that guy!
Wasn't this the basis for some really bad 1950's sci-fi???

Attack of the 800 Pound Khukuri!

Okay, this is sad to say that I'm this much of a geek, but I did the math. A fifty foot tall woman would weigh in at about 84000lbs. This 800 lbs khukuri would be nothing for her. Oh and its dimensions would be somewhere around 52" long, 2-3" thick, and about 6-8" wide. Now that would be a scary sight.

You know you're geek, and have taken too many math classes when you think about these things.

Sheesh -- you guys.... Now I'm going to have dreams about a fifty-foot woman grabbing a gorilla and climbing the Empire State Building with an 800 pound khukuri in her teeth, and ... I can see her now, at the top, with a gorilla dressed in a nightie slung over her shoulder, fighting off the jet fighter planes ... every time she swings that 800 pound Salyan another jet goes down in flames ... now the whole city is burning ... excuse me; I seem to have been typing in my sleep.

It's all your fault. If it weren't for you guys I would only have ordinary dreams about kumquats and volcanoes and nekkid ladies like everybody else.

Maybe I'll just drink coffee and stay up all night.

-Cougar :{)
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