Uncle to the Rescue

Sep 28, 2014
i thought y’all might enjoy this story. I recently heard my ten year old nephew say that he had lost his pocket knife. Now, I knew he only had one knife, and it was the one he got after earning his Whittlin’ Chip card in Cub Scouts. (It was a cheap Chinese thing, but his first knife, nonetheless.) As it turns out, his family moved several months back, and the knife got lost somewhere in the shuffle. They’ve looked everywhere and still can’t find it.

Now, I lost a knife when I was about his age, and I remember how devastated I was. I felt really bad for him, especially with it being his first one. He told me he was planning to ask for a new one for his next birthday, but that isn’t until December. I also heard him say that what he really wanted was an “army knife.”

Well, I just couldn’t stand to watch the poor guy go another ten months with no knife, so I talked to his Mom and got permission to buy him another one. Now, what to get?

Well, my nephew reminds me a lot of myself sometimes. When I was ten, I wasn’t really into bone handled stockmen just yet, but I DID sit around for hours on end, staring at the knife page of the Boy Scout catalog, and dreaming. And what I wanted, what I would have given my left leg for, was a red Victorinox, just like MacGyver had.

So, I got him a red Victorinox Tinker, exactly like the one I got when I was ten. A real, live, SWISS Army Knife! I took it over to him the other night, and to say that he was thrilled would be the understatement of the year. I even took mine to show him. It’s about twenty five years old now, and is still in great shape. I showed him all of the tools on it, and told him not to take it to school or cut himself with it, and when I left he was sitting on the couch, coon fingering it. I’m really not sure who was happier, me or him.

A man’s gotta have a pocket knife.

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You sir, are a hero. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

As an uncle as well as a grandfather I have one bit of advise for you; be prepared to buy a lot of SAK's over the years. It's a great first or even second knife for a young person, and will instill a life long habit of some self reliance. The tinker is a great model!
Good on you the tinker is an excellent choice, I've got 4 nephews and a niece but haven't seen 3 of them since they were babies and 2 I've never seen.
Not that I saw them much before, because I'm only 24 and I'm still not comfortable around babies o_O
My niece is turning 10 this month but I'm pretty sure she's more into Barbie's and stuff, or I'd send her a peanut or something.

My 3 other nephews would never ever be allowed pocket knives because their mom is " progressive " ( no gender specific toys, let's them play in dresses...ect ), they'll miss out on so many things that a boy should experience growing up.
Does the Tinker have the magnifying glass with which to burn stuff using the suns rays?
eg..ants...lighting fires....each others skin....barbie and ken dolls faces...omg the Campervan has crashed and burst into flame...the clothes(mostly nylon) are ruined...
Nice going, Uncle!!:thumbsup:

Don't give any knives to Meako, though!! He will just get in trouble!!:eek:
Buying knives for my nephew is one of my favorite pastimes! Mine’s a bit older now, 18 (I can’t believe it), but he’s grown into an avid bow hunter so the knife gene stayed strong.

Aren’t eccentric uncles the best?