Under $200 watch

Mar 3, 2000
The one I have now works fine for the moment, but just in case... what's the best no-battery watch you can get for under $200? I don't care about aestetics, a good mechanical mouvement and solid construction are the priority.
...here's my 2 cents:

Seiko Divers 200m automatic (model #SKX173). Singapore 7S26 automatic movement, tough as nails and pretty good accuracy. After reading reviews on www.timezone.com, and comments in this forum, I recently bought one at www.princetonwatches.com for $185. It's rapidly becoming my favorite!
The Seiko is a great choice. In the price range,and wanting an automatic(ie non battery) you might want to check out eBay for one of the auto Stocker and Yale milwatches. If I recall correctly they are pretty plain, but should also cost less than $150, and they have the Luminox-style tritium hands and markers, which give off a great glow.

You might want to check out Military watch Resource ( www.broadarrow.net ), too. I think Bob has some of the auto S&Ys and Marathons (another mil watch) for sale at great prices.